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Period issues!

Hi There

I was on here last about a year ago, when I got to my target weight using the Cambridge diet plan, and I'm luckily still managing to maintain my target weight (give or take a few pounds!).

I'm posting here for my best mate, as she has just started a low-carb diet, and has been on it for about 10 days...on day 7 she started her period (as she is on the pill she wasn't expecting it for at least another week and a half). I have tried to reassure her that it is probably her body getting used to her new way of eating, but as I didn't experience any problems when I was dieting, I wondered if anyone else has experienced the same sort of thing when they first started low-carbing?

Any comments or reassurances I can pass on will be most appreciated!

Libs xxx
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Hi - I had the same problem when starting atkins and dukan.
Just body getting used to no carbs - If it carries on she should go and see nurse


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No problem. It is slightly worrying to start but i have noticed quite a few people on low carb have said the same. :D

i had the same thing happen me when i was on celebrity slim which is basically limiting your carbs to whats in the shakes and soups... my monthlys came early the first month, about a week and a half early.. and then i got them 2 weeks later again... so i think it was just getting used to the carbs or lack of in the diet. i since gave up the cs diet and am doing ww and they seem to be back to normal again.. so i can only put it down to the body adjusting to the lack of carbs in the diet..

hope this helps... and congrats on maintaining your weight loss..

wishing your friend the best of luck
Hey Kayla

Just wanted to thank you for your reply - I have also passed this on. My friend is doing so well already, she is already nearly 1 stone down...I am so proud of her, as I know how hard the first weeks can be!

Thanks for your lovely comment too about my maintenance - I just know I don't ever want to get back to how I used to be!

Good luck with your weight loss.

Libs xxx


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The same has happened to me today, and I'm on day 5 of my 1st week of low-carbing.
Its such a relief to read this posting ! Exactly the same thing happened to me about day 7 of being on atkins and I had been really worried until I read here it seems to be quite common on low carb diets. Thanks to everyone who contributed. :0)

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