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Periods & Chocolate

Hi there..

I was having a superb week, lost the weight I'd put on over Christmas & holiday & I had stuck to the plan 100%. But then Friday night came around, hubby had the night off (it's VERY rare that we spend an evening together) & I am on my period.. I'm sure you can see where this is going!

I ended up eating a packet of large m&ms, chocolate orange & a galaxy bubbles bar.. I felt awful & bloated, but that didn't stop me from finishing the m&ms, a couple more bubbles bars & added some gingerbread into the mix!

I feel awfully guilty now, there was no need for this rubbish!

Do you allow yourself chocolates & junk food while on your period? Chances are that I won't gain weight on Tues, but I am desperate to get below 95kg & just keep sabotaging myself. :(

Please make me feel less guilty about this! I know tomorrow is a new day, but I still need to cut out the junk. I think I just need it removed from the house.
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I posted this earlier http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/186598-something-motivate-you-over-weekend.html and it will hopefully make sence to you :)

I know when its my totm all I want is galazy, doesnt matter what I try to trick my brain with thats all it wants! So now I make my OH buy a bar and split it, that way I have it but stay in control, and sometimes we have done this every day for a whole week! I can feel mine coming on now and its gona be a bad one :(

Honestly hun, tomorrow is another day, and just because you have eaten this now, doesnt mean you will NEVER loose weight again! You will, even if it doesnt show this week. You will get there, youve done great so far! Hope the poem helps :) xx
don't beat yourself up about it, you can't change it, what you can do is get back on track, that;s what I do when I mess up, good luck, keep going, you can get there.:D
you need a plan =D * weeks are hard so be ready for them with syn free trifle,lots of muller light yoghurt's diet coke, sweet fruit like SS blueberries etc then syn some chocolate.
be kind to yourself have a nice ow syn chocolate options too you have 15 to spend so spend them ALL you can have syn free meals so that you feel in control and guilt free.
don't feel bad feel glad that your aware rewind to before you were on plan that's when you should of felt bad because you had no control, look at you now doing great !!!!
find as many treats that are low syn and look forward to your monthly treats its down enough having a * week don't have one feeling upset xxxx
I am terrible with chocolate at totm. A few days in I am fine and back in control but that wk before is awful! If I have chocolate in the house it WILL get eaten. However I do allow myself this and not worry too much as I know I will be back in control of it soon and make up for it!

Also nothing else does, if I try to have more fruit, choc cereal bars etc I just end up eating those and then the chocolate too so best to just have the chocolate in the first place lol. :)
The way I see it, If I treated myself every time I had a period then I would have a binge similar to yours, and would probably stay the same for the that week - which would be 12 weeks a year. That's 3 months, in which time I could've lost about 2 stone, simply by not indulging myself under the excuse of 'but it was my period'.

This time round I actually found it easy to just use my syns for a curly wurly, which seemed enough after some fruit to knock the craving in it's head.
Hmmmmm not sure how i feel about this topic. A part of me says, if you're going to do it then do it good, like the OP did! :eek:

The new 2011 part of me though, thinks limit it to just the one bar...whether it be big or small and then get right back on the wagon! :)

Trust me i know the feeling of craving for chocolate when you're on...i'm on now. AND my neice decides to bring a homemade fudge chocolate cake around!!! I did have a small slither and thats enough...been cramming my face with fruit ever since! Gotta force feed the thing to my kids!!! :rolleyes:


Addicted to Cheese
But why does having chocolate mean falling off the wagon? Allow the chocolate you want, as Jen said curley wurleys are ace as they last longer, or put it in the fridge, doesnt melt as quickly, but count it. This allows you to stay in control and stops that "ive messed up so i might as well continue" feeling. Surely its better to go slightly over your daily syns each day that not know? A galasy a day (14 syns) is still going to allow you to lose weight so the idea of this automatically meaning falling off the wagon imo is the wrong way of looking at it x
A galaxy is 14 syns?!!! Mmmmm nom nom!!! :D
Even less! It always was!! The must have changed the bar or made it smaller, its now even better!!

Galaxy Bar, 46g bar 12½ all plans
Thank God!!! I thought I was the only one..... My TOTM started yesterday & I ate a Crunchie,Mars bar & a Caramel washed down with 2 hot Whiskys!!! I don't even eat Chocolate??? Funny what your body does to you!!
I have read that there is a scientific reason why you want chocolate/sweet things. Something to do with what ever is in "it" that you lose, means your body needs sugar. Really scientific that explanation I know ;)

Anyways Zennon, was * week this week, sat-today and lost 2.5lbs! I would call that a good loss :) x
Thank God!!! I thought I was the only one..... My TOTM started yesterday & I ate a Crunchie,Mars bar & a Caramel washed down with 2 hot Whiskys!!! I don't even eat Chocolate??? Funny what your body does to you!!
Lol, I second that Thank God! So glad I'm not alone in this :D

custardlipstick - Hurrah for a scientific explanation, that makes it better.. We can't help it, it's science! Hehe.

Zennon - I tend to lose around the 3rd day & it can be about 2lbs, not bad for water weight :) I think I'd have lost more this time if it wasn't for those chocolates! Lol

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