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Perpetual dieter...I need to get a grip...HELP!


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What am I doing to myself?

I need to get a grip. I'm 21 and weigh nearly 16 stones. I've been overweight since secondary school and with each year of my life appear to be getting bigger.

I've got loads of diet paraphernalia having been on an array of diets but I always wind up failing.

The thought of exercise makes me feel physically sick. I just can't do it. A 5 minute walk has me in bright red in the face and dripping in sweat. Just disgusting.

Pictures of myself are horrendous. I know I'm the size of a house!! Yet why do I put those chocolates in my mouth that are on offer at work, why do I keep eating these bad foods.

Why?! :(:(:(
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You do it for the same reason we all do. Chocolate tastes good and makes us feel good - for a short period of time. Why you will stop doing it however will be personal to you. It might be because you are inspired by someone else; or because you realise just how good you will feel once you get down to your goal. It could be for many reasons, but you have taken the first couple of steps - you have joined a diet plan and you are here so well done you. You seem to be on slimming world - as you know very many people on here are extremely successful on that - and they can offer you inspiration. I just want to say you can do whatever you set out to do, just take it one step at a time. Take care xxx.
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I feel exactly the same curvy_lass. I've started weight watchers AGAIN after putting on 4 stone in as many years. I got married and everyone kept on telling me I was just contented and that's why I was gaining weight, in truth I was just eating lots of bad food!
I've lost 10lb so far and have quite a few to go but Thursday I had a takeaway pizza and last night we had a microwave curry, neither of which were even that nice, not entirely sure why I did it and I now feel really guilty!
Me and my husband would like to start trying for a baby but I know I can't do it at the moment because of my weight, trying WW again in the hope that I can soon become a mummy, this is my focus and for the main part it's working!!
Good luck darling and if you need me for support i'm here, you can do it, coming on here is a step in the right direction xxxxxx


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Curvylass nevermind what has or what was. Think forward and make some small achievable goals. A 5 min walk as sweaty as u get is a good thing. Perhaps drag a friend along with u for motivation.

You can do this hun.



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I know how u feel. I punish myself by eating food. Don't know why I feel the need to do that, but the only diet I can do is Lipotrim, it seems extreme, but it gives me the control over myself that I need. I have yet to learn how to cope when I get back onto food again. Perhaps this is the time : )

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