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  1. RachelM

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    I was just wondering what personal goals people have set for themselves, what made you decide on your target weight? Is there any other goals you've set such as learning to do something new when you're at your target weight etc?

    I have worked out that From today, if I lose a steady 2lb each week I will be at my target weight the day before my 24th birthday, this has really encouraged me to go for it! It does mean having a healthy christmas and not the binging kind I'm used to! I think having clear targets/goals etc in mind is really encouraging, do people agree/disagree?
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  3. dehli

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    I've chosen a weight as target that is in the healthy range and I feel is achievable, because as I'm 45 I don't think I'll be able to get back to the weight I was when I was at school. I try not to think of the total amount I need to lose still, as that can be disheartening. My weight loss average is only about 1 1/2 pounds a week, so I just think in terms of the next half stone.
  4. Carrie Me

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    I set myself a monthly target of 5 pounds. This was the minimum target that used to be set at Slimming Club, many years ago and it seems to work. So far, I have only had one month where I have only lost 5 pounds, most months I have lost at least 6 pounds. It usually means I feel really good about myself about the third week into the month, which gives me a buzz to keep going until the beginning of the next month.
  5. ditzyangeluk

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    My only goals are more energy, no pain & to have a life without it killing me!! Not much to ask, eh?

    So, anything LESS is a plus!!
  6. cchitty

    cchitty Member

    I based my goal on what is classified as a healthy weight for my height (11st 7lbs). Once i reach that I can decide if I want to lose any more or just maintain.
  7. FattyMcBigbum

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    Mine is based on a BMI of 22, I think I heard it was the perfect weight on some diet programme like Diet Doctors, You are what you eat or something like that
  8. xxxamyxxx

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    my target comes from where i was happy in the past :)

  9. Tanari

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    I set a target of 4lbs a week to reach my target, which is in the middle of what my heathy weight range should be for my height.
  10. managing total calorie intake is shown to be even more important than exercise in terms of weight loss, so this week I am focused on minimizing calorie intake (then less exercise)
  11. Kaitlyn

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    Trying to teach myself good habits
    Mine is just set on a healthy BMI. My goal is to be at that weight (160lb) for when I have my graduation next July
  12. Less Rotund One

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    I set my target in the middle of the healthy bmi range at 23 - although can't remember ever being 9st in my adult will be interesting to see how I am when I get there - although to be honest, I am more interested in size than weight.

    I want to be comfortable in a size 10 jeans and if that happens before I am 9st, then I will be at target early!

    LRO xx
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