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Petrina's Diary - Losing the final 26lbs!


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Hi Guys! I've decided to start this diary to motivate myself to lose the last 26lbs. I go on holiday in 4 weeks so I hope to lose about 10lbs by then getting into the 9s. I started losing weight on the CD and that was hard so I decided to move over to WW but the past 2 wks I've gained 8lbs but I know I can get that off. I'm motivated and ready to go. I'm going to post as much as possible so everyone feel free to post anything. Here we go lol. :)
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Food Diary - Day 1

Weight: 10.8

This is what I've planned for the day

Breakfast: Country Crisp + Skimmed Milk

Snack: Banana + Cherries

Lunch: Oxtail Soup + 3 snack a jacks

Snack: Sugar Free Jelly

Dinner: Chicken, potatoes and veg

I'll add the points at the end of the day.
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welcome to the boards.. you look familiar, have you been on the WW boards before you did CD maybe? either way, good luck - that 8lbs is probably just your body adjusting to eating again, so you'll easily manage to get it off again i'm sure :) xxx
thought i recognised you :D welcome back! xx


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Hows it going, Good luck with ww. xx


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Hey Guys! I've had another good day today. I plan all my meals the day before so I know what I'm going to have and there's no reason for me to pick. I've had the same menu today as yesterday as I had chicken. I think I need to do more exercise so I get nice and toned for when I go away.


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I'm back. I've been so busy I haven't had time to post. My weight has been up and down for 2 wks. I'm currently 10.4. I go away on 19th June which is in 10 days time. Don't time fly. I've been bad today and had a peanut kit kat and cheese pasta bake. I'm going jogging after work for an hour which should burn off some calories. I've just lost all motivation. I've tried on my bikinis and they're ok. I just wish I had a flatter stomach lol. Once I go away and come back I'm going to start going to the meetings and getting back on track. I want to be at my goal weight for my birthday in November.
Hiya Petrina!!

Ive just joined WW after doing CD for 7 weeks and losing 2 stone... I got sick of being so anti-social and paying £37 a week was draining me of not only money but the rest of my life outside CD stopped.

I was lacking motivation as thought id gain on WW i put on 4lbs when i first stopped CD but ive now lost that and im still at the 2 stone loss mark so hoping to go forward from here :)

I hope you get your motivation back because you CAN do it and WILL do it and WW teaches us healthy eating aswel as exercise where CD does not...

Get doing some sit ups i try do aload everyday and it does help flatten your stomach, try using moisturisor with fake tan in it cause i find i look loads better / slimmer with a little tan and always remeber our stomachs tend to look 10x bigger to us than they do to other people :) :D
Thanks Aaleigha for that I'm going to look for that challenge. Thanks Amanda for the motivation, we can do it, lol! I thought a workout on you tube called 8 minute abs its a good workout for your abs for only 8 mins I've also been jogging for a hour 3 times a week. But I haven't been eating well I've been bad. I went to boots today and got weighed and measured. It said I was 5.1-3 at the docs they said i was 5'2, lol. So i'm shorter than I thought lol. I motivated now to get back on track. A week before I go. Let's see how much I can get off, lol. :)

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