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I started CD on Monday and I was just trying to think of motivation to keep me going through this weekend. One of many things I could come up with was having my photo taken.
I had my first baby 10 months ago and there isn't one photo of me with her, not even from when she was first born. I feel so bad about it but I just can't face having my photo taken, no matter what the reason.
Anyway her first birthday's coming up in June and I am determined to have some photos to remember the occassion.
Anyone else have this absurd reaction to having your pic taken?
And what motivates others?
Best of luck to everyone doing CD. :)
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Totally empathise with you. I never wanted my pic taking when I was at my heaviest.
The day before I saw my CD counsellor for the first time it was my youngest daughter's 3rd birthday. Guess who wasn't in the pics?:rolleyes:
Its coming up next month, Guess who WILL be in the pics??:D
I tend to take the photos in our house. Wonder why that could be? But like Spooky I intend to be in more photos in the future!!!
I hate having my photo taken, especially if I am unaware of it, as I always look awful!

Have got Brother in Law's wedding coming up at beginning of July, so really want to shift as much weight as poss by then so I can have my pic taken and not ruin their day! xx
me too, havent had my photo taken in years, I did take some before pictures the night before I started and they are gross.....
Im the same no photos of me, im always the 1 taken them and the person using the video camera, but now iv lost quite a bit of weight i wont mind having my picture taken.
I totally know what you mean by being the one to take all the photos.
I'm getting so good at it now that I could probably set up my own photography studio. That could then fund all of the clothes shopping i'll be doing when I reach my target weight!:party0011:


Totally Focused
Another photographer here! The only pictures of me are at official functions (although I try to hide) and when I don't know they are being taken!!

I think it will take me a lot to get into the mindset of accepting that I'm looking better - and will look fantastic when I get to goal!
i have lots of photos, i take getting my pis taken u only tend to see my top half and even at that its just my face!! I have saw some desperate pics of me..i picked the worse i could find blew them up a bit and stuck on my fridge and in other areas of my house to help me stick to my diet.Its working!!
Another one that hated having her pic taken, if there were any of me when I went through holiday snaps etc I used to fish them out and hide them! I have to admit i have gone bit phototastic since losing weight though!



Cambridge Counsellor
I too was always the 'photo taker', as I was always so shocked at how fat I looked on any photos. However, I now really love having my photo taken, as i'm always shocked at how slim I look! It's a good feeling, and you'll all get there. :)

Jo x
Another fab piccie g. You look sooooooo happy !!!!!!!!!!!!
Just off the point, does anyone else get shocked when they do see photos of themselves...because they simply didnt think they looked THAT bad...you know you plod along thinking "you know im overweight but i dont look that bad really" then you get the shock of your life when god forbid someone has caught you in the side of a snap stuffing a chocolate strawberry in your mouth (yes i have issues lol) and you looked utterly horrendous!

For the last year ive been in 3 photos- under sufference! And i was travelling- so got all these brill pictures of places ive been but none of me, which looking back im so upset about but oh well.

I actually made myself take some pics before i started the diet...and i look back now and i cannot quite believe in 8 weeks there is such a difference.

Ho hum- theres my contrbutions lol xxx

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