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Piccies! Comparison/Progress :(


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Ok, so - even though i have dropped a jeans size i cant really see much of a difference now that i have taken a full length picture and compared it to another (they are the ones below)

I mean i feel alot better for it and i have noticed my 99 chins have gotten smaller but thats it. Hey ho though .... just waiting for another 4 weeks before i take another piccie now!

The one above was taken in January and the one below was taken last night.

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well done woman, ya can defintely see a change, good for you!! Glad to hear your liking all of the shakes not many can say that but hey what works best for one may not work for another. Cant wait to see the rest of your progress in the next couple of months, take care
you done great love

can see a huge difference tbh


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arrr thanks guys :D

Everyone around me tells me they can see it but i guess you just cant see it on yourself can you! :( lol
You can definitely see the difference in you. Just look at the top of your arms even with a jacket on. You are doing great and will continue to do well as you are so motivated. Well done.


One last chance
Wow! you're looking very radient aren't ya? Well done, keep it up!


I will be skinny again!!!
I can defo see a difference chick!! Your doing brilliantly!!!!


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Thanks guys! :D

I duno about radiant yaz - probs just the make up i plastered on! lol

Last night was the first time i wore my hair down in about 5/6 months!!!! lol


I will be skinny again!!!

I hate wearing my hair up... I look like a boy with it up lol


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OK We have another case of :brainfart: here!!! Are you nuts woman??? Are you looking at different photos to the rest of us??? There is a HUGE difference! Especially from the tops of your arms and shoulders. Face too!

Woman you are doing great! Just keep doing it! :D


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Thanks sara. I can tell from my chin that i have lost weight but thats about it really - maybe i am just having a brain fart day! lol

Chelly - never wore it down cuz i just couldnt be assed with it and thought my hair looked utterly ridicioulous down on me and the fact that i sweated alot. Having my hair down made me hotter so i just never bothered lol Now i have lost some pounds i think i will wear it down more often! hehe


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aww sweet! Thanks chell! :D:D


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Thanks ladies :D


Slowly but surely!
Thats a big difference for 7 weeks hun, you should be very proud, Ill have to do one in a few weeks myself :)


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Do it em - make sure you show us though :D


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:wow: Look at you!!! You're looking fantastic, what a difference, well done Summergurl

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