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I was runningt hrough some old pics last night and though i would put up my progress...
Also adding the pic of yesterday (in skirt and jacket) when I got my nice comments :)

The first three pics are all pre CD, the last two taken yesterday and today.

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No wonder your friend didnt recognise you!! Well done your doing so well keep up the good work xxx


Going for Goal!
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You look beautiful Tilly. No wonder you are feeling on top form - you certainly look it!

Really really happy for you, you have done so well hunnie. Not long now and you'll be at goal! :):):)

Hugs x x x


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Tilly, you look amazing!! It's certainly an inspiration to see how wonderful you look! Well Done You!!


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Oh Tilly.

Look at you!

I'm so.... happy for you. Was a bee bit struggling for words there.

Oh well done :hug99:


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Well done you look lovely.
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Looking good tilly.


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Tilly what a transformation your before pics look like a bigger older sister rather than you, you look fantastic what a transformation hon.

I can't "WEIGHT" to post mine when i have done as well as you xxx


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You look really great, i must add that the suit actually looks a little big for you (not meaning to offend). x

Well done no wonder you were having nice comments.


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You look great... younger and so much more carefree. And less tired! I think that's the main thing I think when I look at my old pics... how tired I looked all the time. You are looking fab honey, sort of sparkly, and it's only gonna get better too!

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you look amazing hun well done xxx


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Wow, Tilly.......you are doing sooooooooo well, really enjoyed seeing your pics.
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Wow Wee, those pics are fantastic, what an inspiration!!
Thank you everyone, I had a long chat to a friend today whilst at sports day and she was impressed too at how much I had changed...
It does feel nice when you get some real feedback for all the effort!

You look really great, i must add that the suit actually looks a little big for you (not meaning to offend). x
It's funny Lyn as yesterday, I just didn't know what to wear... The skirt is a size 18, But I got my machine out and took it in by two inches either side as it was falling down!
The jacket when I bought it in October, was way too small.... It didn't come close to fastening I mean like 4" away from meeting in the middle, and I could hardly bend my arms the sleeves were so tight! And yes you are right, it was too big!
I can't wait to get down into the 11's now!

You lot are so inspirational to me and have helped me succeed thus far and I know that I will go all the way this time!!

Thank you all xx:D


WILL be Slim!
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incredible losses hun!!!! you look super!
I wish i was brave enough for photo's!
Your doing so well! Keep up the good work xxxx


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Agree with everyone else-you look brilliant!!

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