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Pickled Onion Horror!!

To all pickled onion lover's beware!, this evening I was prepping my lunch for tomorrow and popped a pickled onion into my mouth and unfortunately sucked in and it got stuck in my throat!
Well tried to cough back up....nope....couldn't swallow so there I was choking....thank for for my hubbie who whacked me on the back several times and finally it went down.
Now I'm left with an extremely sore throat and can kind of feel in there further down. Did try bringing it up :eek: but wasn't happening. I was so flipping scared:(
So in future I will cut them in half before putting into my mouth.

From a very sore and feeling very sorry for herself Claire lol
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gosh you did get yourself in a pickle - - whoops sorry. i can really feel for you as i have a long standing swallowing disorder and I know how painful and frightening it can be. You could have made it worth and while and choked on something high in syns !!!!!
Seriously though, hope you are ok x
I'm glad it all turned out alright, it must have been terrifying. Good on your hubby, he's a hero.


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You poor girl. It is a frightening experience. It's happened to me twice and hubby saved me both times by also banging my back.
Once was a piece of meat and once crisps (can you believe it?) It's terrifying not being able to breathe. And, as you say the sore throat after is horrible too.
My hubby now always watches when I eat, as if I were a child, making sure I cut meat into tiny pieces, as he says that he doesn't want to have to do that again!


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That must have been so scary, lucky your husband was there. Has it put you off pickled onions?

Mrs V

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Glad to read that you are ok now Hun...that must have been really scary!



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gosh you did get yourself in a pickle - -
Soz Claire, but that did make me chuckle!! But on a serious note, that's really scary! I'd have been panicking like anything! Thank goodness he was around!! It does just show how easily these things can happen! No wonder there are so many warnings around about small children choking on things- they should have warnings for us adults too!!XXXXX:character00264:


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Thank goodness your DH was on hand to whack you on the back - I am so releived to hear that you are OK, but what a fright it must have been for you, you take care now. X
OMGoodness, lucky that he was there! You must be feeling a little shaky after that? I know I would be! Glad you're okay. X

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