pickled onion!!!!

Could you be pregnant?

If youre anything like me you crave the things you didnt even look twice at pre-vlcd...i had the same pickled onion experience today...branston silverskins...they looked so blinkin juicy and tangy all squished up in their pickly juice...arghhhhhh

If it's just pickled onions that get to you then throw them out. Your hubby will understand I'm sure if it means you staying on track with your diet.
Ohhhhhhh i love pickled onions can't go anywhere near them or i'll finish the jar :eek::eek: and probablly another jar if there was one!
LOL Sam - I was just about to suggest you put them in the Food Dump but I see you already have!!!

Way to go, girl!!

PS They are YUMMY!!!
How weird is that? I've only strayed (properly!) once since I started on LL and guess what it was that I had - yep, a pickled onion!!
It must be years since the last time I had one but I was desperate and nothing else would do (I even considered mixing a bit of onion vinegar into one of my packs but decided that would just be TOO disgusting!). How strange - maybe there is some kind of drug in them that only works on VLCDers!
Needless to say, said pickled onions are now in the bin - what a shame (or not as the case may be!)