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There seems to be a lot of newbies recently so thought id post some pics up of me before and 5 weeks into the LT diet, (they are on my profile) getting a lot of comments and am wearing size 14 trousers (started at 18/20) so if you dont think you wont have much weight loss in 5 weeks, think again. I started at 16st 2lb am now 14st 7lb and im certainly not the biggest loser either cos i had a week off, what more motivation do you need, IT WORKS and im loving the results, ive never had much will power so if i can do it, no reason why you guys cant, keep it up xx
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Well done jackie2029 - that is an amazing feat in 5 weeks!! Did you stick to the diet religiously - did u drink lots of water (how much - i am lucky to get through a bottle or 2 (750ml/bottle) Did u exercise as well as do TFR? U are a real inspiration!!


The difference in your face alone in 5 weeks is amazing! You look much younger, healthier and happier! :)

Wow - thanks for putting your pics up! Everytime I see pics like this I get more motivated and excited about the road ahead for me!

Well done you!



on the up lol
Well done hun, u look great already :girlpower:
i use this site mainly for inspiration through the changes in weight and pics, couldnt have done this without that and i havent cheated although after 3 1/2 weeks i decided to refeed for two days then had a long camping weekend away, the result was an increase in 8lb, then i lost that plus another 3 but i wouldnt do it again it defo wasnt worth it, the food didnt taste great nor did the booze, so overrated guys but left me more determined than ever cos my weight is more important than the taste, eating thing, way more important. I used to drink 3 lts aday but have tried to up it to at least 5 a day, hard work but makes a big difference, my energy levels have been up and down and suffered with arthritus quite bad since started the diet as no lubricants so started taking some cod liver oil and stuff so hoping to get back into it very soon. although i do tennis twice a week when i can and the odd swim, im on a mission to get fit and tone as well as lose it, it will mega increase my loss, The biggest inspiration is when u start losing and youl see it so quick which is why i put the pics up, you will too x
Jackie, I am one of those newbies requiring inspiration by looking at your success in your pics but i can't seem to access them. I have tried clicking on both your Profile Albums and Photo Gallery - one says access denied and the other says there are no images in this folder. Help!
Jackie, I'm the same as Sarah, it says I can't access them either, would love to see your pics, going from size 18/20 to 14 in 5 wks is super, congrats!


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Jackie, I'm the same as Sarah, it says I can't access them either, would love to see your pics, going from size 18/20 to 14 in 5 wks is super, congrats!
You need 50 posts to increase your access and then you may need to request 'friends' status or Jackie will need to leave a public viewing ;)
Tanx 2hourglass!

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