pics now in gallery


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OMG i cant believe i have done this......well here we go, my pics are now in the gallery.
1. fat photo
2. xmas before the makeover
3. after the makeover with about 8+ inches of hair cut off.
4. after the makeover too.

my makover will be in the paper on Tuesday and i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous.
almost as nervous as posting these pics on here!!!!

How Exciting for you lynjo!!

You look amazing:)

Congratulations and well done on your brill achievement!!!

Love Mini xxx
Hi Lynjo,

You look fantastic. The colour in your hair is fab!

Don't be nervous, everyone who sees the paper is going to think the same as we do here........


Well done on your weight loss and enjoy the makeover.

Wow you really do look amazing!!!! Very well done, i can't believe you want to lose another 18 lbs as per your signature???
You look amazing, did you do any exercise? You look really toned that's why i'm asking, congrats enjoy your day.
Hi there,
No as yet i havent done any exercise at all, which i have to say i am very greatful for not having had to do. But that said i am now going to have to introduce some toning and sit ups to get of my jelly belly. clothed i feel fine, naked is another story!
so next week when things calm down a bit for me i will set to the toning and that might make all the difference, i didnt want to do it while i was 'big', i wanted to lose first then tone.
i am dreading the day!!!! lol

Just seen you prics Lynjo ...
... you look fantastic!

I look forward to reading your newspaper article when it comes out - is it this week sometime?