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Pics to motivate myself through this journey!!


Hopefully due 2 fade away
Before anyone reads on - I would like to apologise for the unsightly images you may see! Haha ... I have only taken these two pictures so far which I will continue to add to each month and hopefully notice changes!

Picture on the left is from 1/4/2010
Picture on the right is from 11/5/2010
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Hopefully due 2 fade away
Thanks. I'm not really - took a lot to put these up to be honest! But I'm happy with the slight difference and Ive only lost just over a stone so it's making me want to now lose more weight so I can see the difference even more. :) xxx


Hopefully due 2 fade away
i know the pics are hideous but would appreciate any words of wisdom/encouragement - good or bad! :( took guts to put them up
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Hey! The pics aren't bad!

I'm not sure about other people, but I tend to lurk on these picture threads rather than post. Seeing how well others has done inspires me, but it's not easy to get that across well on here.

And you definitely do have guts to put them up here, I've been taking pics too, but at the moment they're in a write only, password locked folder on my computer so that no-one can see them, including myself, as I like to imagine that I don't really look like I do!

I can see a big difference in the pictures too, and after 1 stone! What a fab inspiration to keep up with the hard work!
The pictures are not hideous at all love, just a work in progress, think how good you'll feel as the pounds come off. You've made a good start already. Keep it up.


Hopefully due 2 fade away
Thanks guys,

just wanted to put them up so I can see the progress myself, but sometimes need encouragement to think that it's definitely going the right way.

Going to post one pic a month and hopefully get better as it goes along x


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The difference already is amazing....Keep up the great work! x


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i think you are doing really well, i can see a difference already, and i am sure you can feel the difference as well!!!
well done, and keep up the good effort!!!!!!!
might steal your idea and take some pictures of me too and make a thread like this to add to each month, hope you dont mind!!


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no of course not zofia! If you feel it would help you see a difference and get even more motivated then go for it! :D

Certainly keeps me going when I think about buying a bar of chocolate haha xx


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Thanks Lyn :)


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Brilliant! You're doing so well and you can really notice the difference. Keep it up! :)


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I can notice the difference already :) I am not brave enough to put pics up yet :( but I will be showing them off when I am smaller haha. You dont look as big as me and I weight a couple lbs less but I forget your 6ft tall and your BMI is less than mine. Keep it up you sound really motivated :D


Hopefully due 2 fade away
thanks hun! Like I said in another post my body is realllllyyyy deceiving, helps with being tall too! xxx
Nearly as tall as me then. :)

I do think if you're tall that you carry weight better.

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