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I used to have alot of me pierced when i w as younger except for my nipple ofcourse.. ewe..

i took my belly button earing out when i had my first baby, silly me it stretched badly and has left a horrible scar there...

i am off on hols soon and wearing a bikini for defo but i am ashamed of my belly button.... was thinking a bout getting it done again this time wear the belly bar? perhaps it would cover the scar i have just above my belly button and maybe make it look like i actually have a belly button?

would be my treat too..

what you reckon?
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Me on the right! x
Go for it!! I love my belly button piercing... especially in a bikini when you can show it off.
Do it as a treat for doing so well! x :cool:


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Let me know how you get on as I have also got a bit of a scar where old piercing is and a drawer full of gorgeous bb studs lol x
omg me too camille loved it when i had it done... does your scar run up above you button too? i got like holes still there and a zig zag scar above i.. must take a pic.. lol

ok just rung up and it will cost me £35 minimum for the bar, she said just pop up ... defo going there as thats where i have had all my piercings and tattoos done... :) will make it my mission for next wednesday would be sooner but got no money till then... he he omg cant wait.. :)

go for it girls..


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Had mine done a few years ago and then when the weight went on took it out! Def having it done again when I get to goal
just want to try and hide my scar aswell as make it look like i have a button if you get me.. lol

hope if hide some of the scar.. might even have to get a tattoo too... will see what debz t he lady who does it says.. :)


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Yep I'd defo do something with that button LOL!
Mines pretty much the same and will defo have mine done when i've lost a couple more stone. Yo xu will have to post a picci when you've had it done


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It doesn't look that bad?


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I took my bellybutton ring out when I was first pregnant with my daughter in 2005 (she was born in July 2006). I actually kept it in when I was pregnant with my son in 2001/2002 (who was born in July 2002).
A couple of months back I found my bars in my jewerelly box and I thought I wonder if I can get it back in. I did and have worn it ever since. I did not hurt although I did have to push it through the top bit (sorry for being gross) so maybe you don't have to get it redone?
ahh will give that a go now...

prob hurt me it has been 6-8 years since i had it in last lol.. will let you know :)

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