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pilates - part 2

It was on tonight so i went to my first class

hmmm - well, have found out i have absolutely no strength in my core!

i feel as if i spent most of the time on my back like a turtle trying to roll back up again, lol!

the hour flew past and i'm def going to go again next week. just tried the rolling thing on my bed, can do it no prob so might take a mattress with me next time!

daisy x
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oh no, i'm worried now!

daisy x
oh no, i'm worried now!

daisy x
lol don't be - but DO expect to feel it - my stomach muscles really hurt 2 days later, especially when I coughed or sneezed (hope you haven't got a cold at the mo!)

I think some people just struggle with that type of exercise - I was absolutely rubbish, the woman running the class kept coming over to me to correct my position - so embarrassing! What made it worse was I was by far the youngest there, so thought I'd be great - serves me right for thinking cocky thoughts :eek: :D


Gotta Make A Change
good going daisy :)
was the instructor helpful with you, soon you'll be a pro at pilates :)
I have just started going and when I did the roll I hit the deck like a sack of coal and couldnt move for laughing for ten minutes my daughter was mortified :) it is a serious class you know! and i was lowering the tone.. what a shame ...


Playing the Angel
Great to hear you went Daisy, sounds like the first time I ever tried yoga, back in my fitter days!! Thought it was all too easy when I did the class, the next day I could not move!! I hurt in places I didn't know existed!!! Still it was great and I think pilates will be too if I can find a class near me.

You go for it Daisy, I did a course earlier this year and I really enjoyed it. I was about 2-3 stones heavier than I am now and managed to keep going. Getting a good mat really helps as I am ahem rather large in the posterior dept. found some of the rolls very difficult to do.


Is back in the saddle!
Well done Daisy! Hope you don't feel too bad and can look on the posative 'no pain, no gain' thingy!!

I did Yogalates, a cross between the two, and loved the low impact as I can't do high impact like running. I haven't done any in a while but I still do walk tall and the tighten and hold things in places like the car etc. Every little helps!
everything seems ok at the moment - was worried i wouldn't be able to get out of bed lol!
guess time will tell, probably be hobbling round by the end of the day

daisy x


Gotta Make A Change
Good going daisy
coughed - and am fine!
obviously wasn't trying hard enough in class last night - will try harder next week

daisy x
Well done D
aisy - it feels great to hurt though doesn't it!!!:rolleyes:
I have a question for everyone - I am only 5 weeks in and have been going to the gym 3 times a week for the last 2 - do you know if this helps or hinders weight loss?
To be honest I don't really care cos i feel great after going but I have read a few messages on here that say it can be dangerous cos our bodies can't cope!!!
How has everyone else done?

Milli x
well 3 weeks on i'm loving it!
why have i never done this before???

the hour goes soooo fast and i come out feeling really relaxed and tall!

my core muscles are def improving - i can roll back and up again slowly now

i wish i had tried this while in abstinence, would have been ideal as you don't get out of breath at all, but you def are working your muscles

if you've never tried it i'd def give it a go

daisy x
Daisy you have inspired me - I will find a similar class I can get to on my return from holiday.

After three kids close together and being obese for 20 years there's not too much strength in my tummy muscles :cry: xx


Playing the Angel
Woohoo I have found one or two local instructors for Pilates :) The guy who's classes I really want to go to, seems to have them every day of the week, so if he can be a bit flexible about when I go (the whole working random nights thing) then I will go to him for sure. Cannot wait!!

just got back from class - i wasn't as good as i was last week, couldn't roll back up tonight? but balanced better!
all good fun!
daisy x

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