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Pimms SW style

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Now...I cant stand Pimms, I think its the most vile drink ever (think you get the picture!) Lol.

My Consultant on Tuesday made this in class and I must admit it was lovely! Dont turn your nose up until you try it is all I can say!

1 2 ltr bottle diet lemonade
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
strawberries and cucumber slices

Add the blasamic vinegar to the pop and chill with the strawberries and cucumber.

It really is lovely and refreshing!
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well i never! i might try that tomorrow!
its lovely but I'm never sure how much Pimms to put in or how many syns.Its the only alcohol my body doesn't react against but only if its a tiny amount diluted like you have.(allergy)I like sound of this- alovely alternative.Thanks
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I love Pimms, so I tried this version of it when I first heard about it last summer.

It is OK, quite nice in fact, but nothing like the real thing!!!

(But then, if you don't like the real thing that would be an advantage!)
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Our consultant gave it to us too recently. Its lovely! Syn free as long as there's no alcohol added. Yummy


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i tried this one and it was ok...... you can have raspberry wine vinegar with leominade too to make a free g and t!!!!!
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my c made it with diet coke not diet lemonade and it ws lovely (although i could smell the vinegar lol)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Ooo the G & T one sounds good, will give that one a try too! Thank you mrsmitch01!
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I tried this tonight, I fancied something alcoholic but had no syns left, and it totally did the trick :)
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I've just read this, rushed into the kitchen and poured a glass of lemonade with an unmeasured glug of balsamic vinegar...I can't believe how good this tastes! It has a lovely foamy top.
I think I'm addicted already! Thanks x


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Think I will be trying this one tonight. :)


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I want to know who came up with the idea of putting balsamic vinegar into lemonade.. or why, for that matter! :D
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Hahahha, me too. I tried this the other night when I fancied a drink but didn't want the Syn's - It was lush!


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Think I might make up a batch of this for over the weekend
Asda have a lovely pineapple and coconut sparkling crush which I just found....I love my drink at weekend but even this is very very nice as a pretend cocktail !! Lots of ice in this weather !

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