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Pinkdiamond CD Diary - Hello everyone!!


Is it nearly October yet?
Hi everyone im back to cd after a few weeks break on WW, lost another half a stone doing it but im starting to get a bit disheartened by the slow weight loss and have started to go over points and muck about.:sigh: So im hoping this is the kick up the butt I need to get the rest of my weight off.

This time round I feel much better prepared and more mentally able to do this. Not sure what has changed but dont feel as unsure and skeptical, enjoy the 790 plan and love the yummy bars and choc tetras, so I WILL do this for 6 weeks.

Looking forwad to chatting to you all again and seeing everyone elses progress too. :grouphugg:
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Hi and welcome back, 6 weeks will fly by, and you can loose over a stone by then. have a good week and look forward to reading your update soon.


Is it nearly October yet?
Thanks Minime and Lynn :) Can see from your tickers that you are both doing fab!! xxx


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G: 12st0lb
Welcome back....im sure you will be back into the swing of things soon.
Loving the meez......all that bouncing will burn off a few calories.


Is it nearly October yet?
Thanks Sonya :) Thats how I do my excercise, by using my 4 year olds trampoline, its fantastic fun. thanks for the welcome and good luck to you too you are doing amazing i could could never stick this for that long. xxxx


Is it nearly October yet?
Oh crap I totally forget how cranky I get doing this, im already in a bad mood!! Had a choc tetra for breakfast, an orange bar for lunch and have got some chicken breast and green salad stuff which I will have with some balsamic vineager for my tea. For my last pack I might have some choc shake made with warm water before bed.

Im not too bad on the hunger front, im only mentally hungry because ive been used to eating for the last few weeks. Oh please let the next 6 weeks fly by :sigh:


Is it nearly October yet?
Oh good luck hun...my mood is foul today too!!!!!!

It's only 6 short weeks of your life tho sweetie!!!!

Thank you :) Feels like centuries ahead of me:cry: Good luck to you too:D xxx


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The 6 weeks will fly by, I am amazed that i have been doing this for 11 weeks:eek: I made a tracker for my fridge so i could cross the days off, it also helped me as i would see it every time i went to the fridge it stopped me from eating, It has a fat picture of me at the start and i put a half way picture on it, now its waiting for my goal picture. Maybe something you could do. Chin up you can do this. look forward to reading your update soon.

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