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Pissed off!

What a major waste of shopping trip! I couldn't fit in anything !
It's taking me so long to fi into size 18 jeans and I'm still nowhere near!

They didn't even have the dress I wanted in my size! And to top it off OH is really ****ing me off tonight!!! Arghhh
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aw honey I am so sorry and I can imagine how you must feel. I'm avoiding shopping until I know I can fit into a size 16 because I know I won't like what I see in the mirror before that.

But the positive is that at least you are a damn sight closer to a size 18 than you were before you started CD and you are heading in the right direction so maybe by the January sales?? Start putting £2-3 away for every pound weight you lose between now and then you'll be able to treat yourself?


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aaw hun don't dispair this is such a cleche but stick with it and you will see the results soon enough! much quicker than on a regular diet!!

i usually go several weeks no size change then in the course a few days its like wtf! a huge change so you may be the same there may be a drastic body changing moment around the corner.... and im not bull s******g you! i took a week off work had this big change suddenly when i went back everyone was like wtf?!!! lol

it is so due to happen...... as for oh aarrrghhh i think thats what they do best. im a week before my totm so start to get soooo pre menstral and stressed lol the mere existance of otheres seems to wind me up lol let alone one tring to lay all over me n argue with EVERY oppinion i have aahhh!


big hugs ur way hun
Thanks all :)

Just made me feel like I did before, trying to fit into everything I like but way to fat :(

I think it's totm because even OHs face is winding ne up lol
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i think that it takes a stone before you drop a dress size. if you want to get into smaller sizes quicker you need to tone as you go so hit the exercise. in the tv ads to squats, lunges, crunches. even lay on the floor and raise your legs slowly lowering one and raising it then swap. great for abdoms which will hold it all in if toned.

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