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Assuming I've got this right - if I have a Tesco wholemeal pitta bread can I have it as a HEB? The Asda ones which are on the list for HEB are 6.5 syns and so are the Tesco ones, so can't see there being any reason they're not the same other than Tesco ones being something like 2grams more.

What do you all think? Think I'm safe to use this as a HEB? Not got an Asda near me so Tesco is easier.

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The only pitta bread which is a B choice is the Asda wholemeal pitta.
It's not a case of comparing syn value unfortunately.

That said, it's up to you of course!
I would say that if the Tesco ones were meant to be a HEX then they would be. The fact that they are not makes me say no.

It must be something to do with the ingredients, otherwise they would say 'any wholemeal pitta bread' weighing xx grammes would be a HEX.

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Its to do with the "wholemeal" content of the pitta compaired to the other ingrediants that makes it a HeB.
Whether something is a HEB or not depends on the amount of fibre I think. So even if its only 2grams more, it may not have enough fibre to count as a HEB x
I had this same question last week, I was of the mind that you could substitute for other supermarket makes but apparantly not the case, had to syn the first lunch of the week until I could get to asda and get there ones. Snot fair really!!
Never mind, at least like Cocktailprincess says you can have 2 alpen lights now yum!!! xx


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That's interesting thanks.

The Asda ones ar:
protein - 9.9g
carbs - 44.8
fat - 1.2g
fibre - 5.3g

Not really that different but where you can tell the difference is the list of ingredients. The tesco ones are stuffed full of additives while the asda ones are a lot less processed. The asda ingredients are only wholemeal flour, water, yeast and salt. Tesco includes wheat flour, wheat flakes, olive oil, vegetable oil, soya flour, preservatives and acidity regulators. So that may be the reason!
Thanks Circes for that, thats explained it to me a bit better then. I couldnt work out how it made such a difference, never thought about the additives etc.
The waitress/ocado pitta bread do not contain oil, but not as much fibre as the old asda ones. Here is the nutritional info

Essential Waitrose Fresh Wholemeal Pitta (6) in Ocado | mySupermarket

Nutrition nutrient per 100g per pitta
Energy kCal242kCal145kCalEnergy kJ1,026kJ616kJProtein12.4g7.4gCarbohydrate46.0g27.6gof which sugars1.4g0.8gFat0.9g0.5gof which saturates0.2g0.1gFibre3.1g1.9gSodium0.3g0.2gSaltN/A0.5g

Could they be used as a HEB?

Well that came out wrong. Hope the link gives more info lol.
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I had this dilemma last week as I bought tesco pitta breads - at 60g each I assumed they were pretty much 57g so a HexB. I hadn't read the bit in the book where it says '57g any wholemeal bread EXCEPT PITTA'. Grrr.
Told myself that I would count them as a HexB until the packet was all gone as I hate food to be wasted and would never throw food away, but I think the little voice in the back of my head has been putting me off them ever since so they'll probably be green and furry soon.....and still 7.5 syns ;)


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So the oil's the difference!

Makes sense.

I've just been using any old wholemeal pitta and counting it as my HexB, but I don't really bother as I hardly ever have them - maybe once a week at the most.

Still, SW have that rule for a reason...

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