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You won't be able to find the asda ones as they were taken off the shelves. So unless you have them in your freezer, then you won't find them. They've been replaced in asda but the new ones are not a HExB.

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I can confirm that Asda are re-stocking the wholemeal pittas. Our Asda has them back on the shelves, but they go really quickly and it takes time for the orders to come in, but they are there and also still a HeB.
Is that the original ones though? Or is that the flatbread co? The flatbread co ones are not a HExB. But would be wonderful if the original ones were making their way back to the shelves!


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FFS not im fed up i have had one yesterday and one the day before.

who said it was agreed by SW that morrisons were almost identical to asdas therefore can be a HEB
You should always check with SW before taking something as gospel. Posters on here are only human and make mistakes, and information here isnt 100% true all of the time.


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Yes, but that was the old ones that used to be on sale. The new ones on sale in Asda from the flatbread company do have oil in them and someone phoned SW HQ who have confirmed that they do not qualify as a HEB. The SW website has always taken a bit of time to catch up with changes.


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OK, the original Asda wholemeal pittas that WERE a HEXb and were discontinued:-

Cals 126 (230 per 100g)
Protien 5.4 (9.9 per 100g)
Carbs 24.6 (44.8 per 100g)
Fat 0.7 (1.2 per 100g)
Fibre 2.9 (5.3 per 100g)
Sodium 0.11 (0.2 per 100g).

Interesting comparing them! Morrisons have the same amount (well 0.1g more!) of fibre per 100g as the old Asda HEXb ones, whereas the flatbread co ones that Asda are now selling have 1g less. Both Morrisons and Flatbread Co. are higher in fat, but Morrisons only very slightly!! Calories PER PITTA have a negligable difference. So based on fibre and fat I can kind of see why the Flatbread Co. ones aren't classed as a HEXb but I can't see why Morrisons aren't as the nutritional value is very similar to the original ones- so I think I'm just going to cheat and start buying these on principal!!! SO THERE!!XXX

I just read the OP and deceided that morrisons pittas are going to be my HEB and if i dont lost weight ill know why but going to give it a try x
I doubt anyone wants to fight about it so do whatever you're happy with, it's your choice. People are going to give the correct advice when it's asked for though.:)


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I'm going to add to this post, as interestingly I've just bought some wholemeal pittas from the co-op (2 packs for 80p!). I've checked the ingredients and they have no oil in...

Wholemeal wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, preservative (calcium propionate).

Cals 130(220per 100g)
Protien 6.2 (10.4 per 100g)
Carbs 24.7 (41.2 per 100g)
Fat 0.8 (1.3 per 100g)
Fibre 3.7 (6.2 per 100g)
Sodium 0.2 (0.3 per 100g).

Now I don't know about you but these look very similar to the Asda ones listed above... Although there is 0.1g fat and 4 more calories more there is 0.8g more fibre in the co-op ones. Do you think I should email SW and suggest it as a HEXB??

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