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pizza or no pizza?!

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Pizza is evil, leads to all sorts of other crimes against SW. I tend to keep well away.......

Just editing to say that if you have the syns available, and you think that it won't set you off on a mad one, then it's up to you if you really want it.
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We were having the same dilema - but decided against it! However, we had already had our valentines treat last night - great restaurant and possibly one of the best meals I have ever had but must have contained about 500 syns :(
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Pizza is hugely syn-tastic. Think about these questions:

Do you have the syns to spare?
If not, are you prepared to drastically cut back the rest of the week?
And if not, are you prepared not to have a weight loss at class this week?

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What about making vikksters pizza,i had it the other day and it completely sorted my pizza craving!!:D
Make this pizza better than anywhere...I made heart shaped pizzas for hubby & baby boy they absolutely loved them. I had one 2 absolutely delicious highly highly recommended x
'Vikksters pizza' was recommended tome earlier this week,its delicious!You can find the recipe in the recipe section,usually it requires you to have a Hex A and B spare,but if you don't im sure its a darn sight better for you than a takeaway!you get a pizza and also can feel like you have been 'good'!everyones a winner..........:D
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Pizza alternative

Why don't u make yrself a healthier alternative, either tomato, cheese topped Bread or look on our FAB website, click on left hand column Useful/special features and then enter the word Pizza and it will give you PLENTY of good tasty alternatives, don't lose it now!!!! Best of luck Mandy Cheltenham xx:love047:


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i had a dominos the last 2 weekends and gained both weeks. Have been super good this weekend though - learnt my lesson!!
I'm gonna go against the grain. I know weight loss is a serious issue, but if you've done well, and fancy a bit of pizza, do it. The way i see it, if this plan is long term, you need to have the odd day off to make it wol. Ya never gonna be perfect a hundred percent, for a lot of reasons. If you really want it, have it. You've proved you can resist and stick to the plan, so have some, and get back on it. Its valentines day. Enjoy. Just dont be too disappointed if u sts, or gain. X
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Hehe! I realise I sounded a little harsh didn't I?! But as always with these temptations, you have to think to yourself 'do I reeeeeally want it and risk not losing this week...or shall I resist it and feel great about it?!' You can't always deprive yourself of things like pizza, but if you've not got the syns for it then you run the risk and have to live with the consequences.
There are always these 'events' that you could treat yourself for. V-day, pancake day next week, Easter is coming and the easter egg fest, and then there are birthdays and anniversaries and other 'excuses' that crop up! Many reasons to go a bit kerrrrazy. But these are the things that hinder us in the long run. You just have to decide how much you want to be slim vs how much you want pizza!

LOL...I've done nothing to diminish my harshness have I?!?!

Well done for being strong and not having a pizza :)

H x

ps: Vixx's HE-B pizza is brilliant. And you can also make pizza-toast, smash pizza and now wholemeal pittas are a HE-B you can have pitta pizza! I find it's the tomato and cheese +toppings combo that I really am craving when I want pizza :drool:
Totally agree with some of what ya sayin. . . Always an excuse to pig out etc. But if my fella wanted to share a pizza on valentines. I would. No point bein skinny if you are a bore who doesnt give themselves leway for a special occasion! Not that i'm implying anyone here is a bore, so please dont take that the wrong way girlies! X


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There was pizza at the bday party I went to yesterday and somehow I resisted it. I did go prepared with my own food and guess I was saving my syns for a small piece of cake instead. Glad you also resisted :)
i totally agree with you both HellieCopter andLittleali21, life is definatley to short to always say no! but i resisted temptation last night and had homemade free bubble and squeek lol, not exactly the same but guilt free and yummy lol. thanks for the advice last night, saved me a VERY guilty day today xxxx
There was pizza at the bday party I went to yesterday and somehow I resisted it. I did go prepared with my own food and guess I was saving my syns for a small piece of cake instead. Glad you also resisted :)

good on you! i'll have to remember to take summit of my own to stuff like that and not just more party food, hope you enjoyed your well earned cake :D x

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