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Plan of action - october 2008 onwards

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by fatstitcher, 4 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. fatstitcher

    fatstitcher Full Member

    Goal Weight:
    My OWn
    MY PLAN OF ACTION FROM 1st October 2008

    Remember how I felt after the food binge from 26th Sept to 30th Sept 2008 – ate what I wanted completely off plan – felt bloated, sick, constipated, acidic tummy – don’t want that anymore do you!!!
    Plan each day/week by Thursday – before group on Friday morning and before shopping
    Only buy things with known syn values
    Hide away high syn treats such as biscuits & crisps & chocolate
    Try something new each week – recipe, fruit or veg
    Don’t let my inner emotions get to me and start comfort eating
    Plan to EXERCISE at least 60 mins each day – in addition to walking I do during day and at work
    Keep active/occupied – so am not thinking about food
    Syn free food always available for snax
    Try to snack on SUPER-FREE FOOD (free on red & Green)
    Drink at least 2 ltrs water a day
    Don’t let one bad day become one bad week/month etc
    Keep diary/blog of food diary/activities/emotions etc DAILY
    Don’t bring myself down to level of others
    Ask for help & Support – tackle problems head on – don’t shy away from criticism it may be constructive criticism
    Stand up for myself whenever feeling down/put upon/used/taken for granted
    Try & make family understand my feelings/problems and ask them to respect what I am doing and avoid offering me temptation
    Emotional Eating – BE-AWARE of it - and tackle the problem when it happens.

    Restart from 01.10.08– new start new challenge
    Write a weekly plan & stick to it
    Why do I want to lose weight?
    I. Health
    II. Look Good
    III. Happiness
    IV. Live Longer
    V. FOR ME
    I am ready for to commit myself to sticking to plan – without weakening to any distractions

    I. December – Parties & Xmas – Plan it
    II. Unexpected problems/stresses
    a) Ill health – can’t be helped
    b) Stress/depression – talk it through with someone – ask for help
    c) Cravings - include in plan
    Support from:-
    a. Kevin – Hide all bad stuff
    b. Ben – Throw away his leftovers
    c. Mum & Dad – Incentives – Weigh more than DAD!!
    d. Carol & Pete – No Yorkshire puddings or high syn/high fat food and only yogurts for pudding.
    e. Alicia – send a copy of food diary each evening
    f. S/W Group – life lines & internet groups

    1.Set up PC chart to record losses
    2. Mobile reminders – B, L, T (7am, midday & 6pm) 6.45pm record Food diary & send off
    3. Write down food plan & shopping list at same time
    4. Commit to 60 mins exercise a day
    5. Drink 2 litres water minimum
    6. be positive
    7. Don’t let food be my comfort when am down

    8. Remember:-
    “If I want to be thinner, I must be clever sinner”
    9. Only have what’s on food plan
    10. Last but no means least:-

    Not Sticking to Plan Re-Read Books
    Make a Plan for Week Ahead
    Too Many Treats Make Low Syn or Syn Free Treats
    Ensure Plenty of Low Syn/Syn Free Snacks available
    Not Enough Exercise Start Walking/Cycling Daily
    Aim to do Average of 10,000 steps a day over a week
    Aim to increase distance cycled
    Boredom – Same old food etc Start Experimenting with New Foods
    Plan Special Meals
    Try new Recipes
    Adapt favourite recipes
    Depressed/Stressed Losing Weight/Getting Back in control will help
    Temptation – always there Don’t Buy Tempting Items
    Always Have Hi-Fi bars available
    Chocolate Cravings – Freeze Chocolate
    Make own snacks
    I am Lazy Get Motivated
    Listen to Motivational CD’s
    Use Hypnosis CD’s
    Sleep at Night not During Day!!!
    Use Stuff on BT Vision to get variety
    Keep Putting off Start Date – e.g I’ll start tomorrow/next week Start Now – 02/05/2008 – Aim for loss no matter how small
    Don’t let a small “off plan” incident put you off – Remember tomorrow is a fresh start!!
    Remember that Flexi Syns are allowed – occasionally!!
    Lack of Inspiration Re-Read Magazines
    Actively join internet groups
    Stitch reminder for purse etc
    Set small personal targets & rewards
    Lack of Support/encouragement Get family & friends to cheer me on


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  3. fatstitcher

    fatstitcher Full Member

    Goal Weight:
    My OWn
    4th October 2008

    DAY/DATE: 4th October 2008

    PLANS FOR THE DAY: - Ben to in-laws overnight after spending morning with Ann & Ken his carers.
    ......................................................................................... HEA1: Milk
    Hi Fi Bar
    42g All Bran


    2 x lasting satisfaction yogurt
    Apple, Grapes, Banana


    Soup – Home-made mushroom
    S/W Quiche


    Pork, Bacon, Egg x 2, mushrooms
    2 x Tesco H/L Cumberland Pork Sausages (1 syn each) = 2
    Baked Beans = 100g = 4 syns


    Hifi Bar – HEB
    Ginger/Chocolate All Bran Cake – All Bran (HEB) Choc options = 2

    Total syns for day:


    Min 1 litre




    Happier than yesterday
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