Planning for a baby, can I carry on with the diet?

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  1. Saiss

    Saiss New Member


    Just wanted to ask your opinion on this. I would love to start trying for another baby soon and was wondering when should I stop the diet. I've been on sole source since last October, except the occational add-a-meal week.

    I've lost 8 stone since then, but I would still need to loose another 4 stone. But, I'm feeling sooo broody now and have decided to start trying around June time.

    I'd want to start taking folic acid soon too, would that affect SS?

    I feel I'm letting everybody down, (except my hubby, who's really into trying for a baby too), my councellor, and friends who are so excited about my weight loss...

    So far I've been too scared to tell my councellor of my plans!!

    Someone help me, please!
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  3. julesrush

    julesrush Norwich CDC

    I was ttc whilst on the diet, the only thing you need to be aware of if you want to continue with weight loss whilst trying is to know when your period is due and to test as soon as it should be here and if positive to stop the diet straight away.

    I was also taking folic acid and was doing ss and had no effects on weight loss ect.

    Good luck and hope you get your positive soon

  4. LEJ

    LEJ Full Member

    Good luck with your wish for another baby, and i feel everyone will be pleased for you if you decide to try for one, and also think your councillor will understand your reaons, you can come back to Cd when you are ready, and your councillor will be able to advice you about when to stop the diet. Take care.
  5. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    Oh, I don't think you'd be letting anyone down - there's nothing wrong with wanting to try for a baby!!

    I recently had a client in a similar position, so asked Cambridge HQ for advice on her dieting position. They said that, to be on the safe side, you should avoid being in ketosis whilst trying, as you obviously won't know you're pregnant for few weeks following conception. There's no 'concrete' evidence to prove that ketosis will be detrimental to the baby's health, but it's generally accepted that it should be avoided as a precaution. Therefore, Cambridge advised that my client should move up to the 1000kcal stage whilst trying to conceive.

    I would suggest that you continue ssing until June, then move up the steps until 1000kcals, and staying there whilst you are trying to conceive. That way, you'll hopefully still get another couple of stone off beforehand, and will have the opportunity to lose the rest slowly if you don't catch pregnant straight away.

    Hope that helps - good luck. :)

    Jo x
  6. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    That's changed in the last few years then. While I was trying to get pregnant with Matt and he's now three and a half I was told it was fine to SS up until you get pregnant. Which I did in the end. I'd put off dieting for a whole year because I was trying to get pregnant, and it was in the month I actually did SS and lost a stone that I finally fell pregnant after a year of trying and after getting myself on the weighting list for a fertility appointment.
  7. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    To be honest, I think they've now changed tack simply as a precautionary measure to cover their backs. I know of one person from the pink site (a counsellor at the time, so probably in touch with Cambridge HQ) who lost her baby early on and was convinced that ketosis caused it. If I remember rightly, a doctor/midwife told her it was probably down to her ketones, so she took that on board.
    I'm personally on the fence about it as I know that lots of people get pregnant on ss with no effects, but can understand why Cambridge wouldn't want to risk being culpable if any hard evidence came out.

    Jo x
  8. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    I can understand they would want to be cautious.

    I had a miscarriage too, but I wasn't dieting at the time so there's no way it could have been ketone related. In my family you just miscarry and it's put down to bad luck.

    I'm actually doubtful that ketosis has anything to do with it because of the number of people who haven't had any problems with subsequent pregnancies.

    I wonder if anyone has done any research into ketones and trying to get pregnant.

    It's obviously a huge no no to women who are pregnant, although what the reasons are I don't know. What does ketosis while pregnant do? Do you know? I've never looked into it, just gone with the 'don't be daft you can't diet whilst pregnant' line.
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