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Plans for the weekend?

im having some friends over for dinner tommorow, im cooking veggie lasgnea nad roasties! yum x looking forward to it x


Is so very nearly there!
DD bday - she will be 7!

Having chinese tonight as we out all over weekend visiting and bonding lol


want to be me again ...
why not just have a lovely evening in together ..treat each other to nice massage bath and lovely music ..cost nothing but worth a million pounds xxx


I'm going home tomorrow (i'm at university at the mo) and there's a massive birthday party...followed by clubbing :)

Looking forward to seeing all my friends and my boyfriend, but not looking forward to all the syns!
I'm skint and not paid until next Friday aswell so a quiet one for me too.

Coffee with my Mum is on the cards (with some old friends that we haven't seen for years).

Inatiz - think I read that you don't live too far from me (North Wales) - maybe a trip along the coast would be a cheap and cheerful option for you :D:D:D


soon to be skinny minnie
Going to theatre tonight to see Oklahoma at the kings,i cant wait as not been anywhere for ages. My gran has been in hosp since june so my mum visits every night so haven't really had a babysitter. I managed to save 40 syns so will be having a few drinks in the bar.


soon to be skinny minnie
Thanks gilly i will, not been out for months. will need to watch don't get too drunk though as not drank for ages ha ha, not a pretty sight when i'm too drunk.


Dreaming of being slim!
im working all weekend. 12- 8pm today (shhhhh dont tell me boss im on here) and 4pm - midnight tomorrow other then tht nothing planned
Well have spent the day doing the house and organising for tonight I have some friends from the village coming round for a curry. The table is finally laid and the fire is lit and the wine is chilling....

I have done....

Mixed bean and carrot sabzi FREE GREEN
Chicken curry FREE ORGINIAL
Gobi chana curry FREE GREEN
bombay potatoes DON'T TOUCH hahaha
Savory Rice FREE GREEN

a dessert which I will take a photo of for you all to see hehe... FREE ANYDAY

Tomorrow will be making up the card orders that I have waiting and sorting out my office... always the last room in the house to get done lol

Oh and have to muck out the rabbits ahhh the good life haha

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend x


wants a new body
ifancy running away and joining the circus
at least i would get away from my lot


want to be me again ...
we have friends coming over thought i would do some supper ..im ok as i have free chilli made ..problem is they dont eat veg , onions , peppers or spicy food so made a spag bol with no onion or peppers ??? ..poor mr beans not happy ..think he may sneak my free chilli ....

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