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Why does this happen?

My mini target when I started was to lose 2 stone before my hols on the 20th Aug. I started April so attainable.

I lost steadly on EE losing 20lb till 3 weeks ago then....nothing, zilch, a big fat zero. I could scream. I can put my hand on my heart knowing I've done nothing wrong, no cheating... I've up syns, I've downed syns....given up bread...tried green.....tried red......and now I'm upping excerise.

I know when I've lost the 2 stone I'll still have 3.5 to go, but damn it I want to make that target before the holiday.
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ah *hugs* It'll start again, I hate it when that happens, but don't give up...

-Keep drinking water (I go for 3 litres!)
-I just found out that water ice cold speeds up metabolism by 20/25%
-Try a different form of exercise, as our bodies can actually get used to it. So try using different muscle groups. And alternate between cardio/weight training etc. And also having a rest is as good as the workout!! Have 2 days break a week from exercising.

And as long as you keep sticking with the plan it'll kick start again. I know the waiting part is a pain in the butt, but we all get to do it at some point... *hugs* xxx
S: 14st8lb G: 8st12lb
Thanks Julianne.

I'm downing 2lts of water a day at the moment, I'll see if I can up it. Got a Thyroid check next week that the doc has ordered so I'll be able to see if I'm on enough medication for that.
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Aw hun. i wouldnt say its a plateu.. because i went 5weeks with sts, and i was also, hand on ehart doing everything and just joined the gym. It'l ahppen for you, i know that you want to reached your mini tagrte though, and that this must be so frustrating for you.

as suggested before, try upping your water.. and maybe i different form of exercise, maybe your even doing too much?
try changing your he's around or even using your syns for different things..

try eating as much fish eggs and veg as poss.. i find this always helps me, even if its only half a pound to keep it going again.

if your doing everything right, then theres not much advise i can give.. just wait, youl reap the benifits from all your hard work...

*hugs* dont get too dishearted youv done so well, and although its difficult now.. your still doing so well..and should be proud of yourself for sticking to it despite no recent losses. Alot of people give up when this happens, and the key is to keep reminding yourself if youv got weight to lose, itl come off.. and this is the best way to do it. So maybe its a waiting game atm, and youl reap all your benifits from being super good soon. maybe your bodys just ajusting to its new way of life.

S: 14st8lb G: 8st12lb
I'll try a week on fish and veg see if that will help. Also with the kids being on holiday from school and me not working I'm having a lay in most days and missing brekkie because of it, prob sitting on my bum more than I normally would if I was working. Was given a card yesterday that lets me have a personal trainer at the gym for an hour for free, think I might book it for next week. xxx
They say is have 24 hrs off the plan eat all the naughty food, but only for 24 hrs. You should then return to the plan reducing the carbs by 25% and increase your water intake by 50% for the remainder of the week. This should kick start your system again. You may even get a slight increase, but don't worry this will go in the following week if you stay 100% true to te plan. Oh yes forgot up you excersice in the week by 20% to 30 %.

Good luck




Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oooh Phil, great advice. I did an unofficial plan like this on WW which was basically the same concept and it worked wonders!! I'm going to try this as I gave myself the evening off SW yesterday (my second in 10weeks!) and have already done 45mins on my X trainer and had 3litres of water mmm. xx


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I think you've answered your question, you've been skipping breakfast! Having breakfast kickstarts your metabolism for the day. That alone could be the reason you STS.


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What causes a weight loss plateau?

Thankfully you can generally blame Mother Nature for your metabolic frustrations. What happens is that as your body changes, it starts to get ‘used’ to the new weight and wants to settle there. Your body has given you as many results as possible using the current menu and fitness program you’re on.
The reason why your body does this is to avoid starvation. It senses that it’s not getting as much food as it used to and so it tries to hold onto what you’re giving it. Or it’s getting used to the exercises that you’re doing, so it’s not responding in the same way. Basically, your body is leveling out – hence, the term plateau.
What can you do?

But now that you know what a plateau is and what the signs of it can be, you can start to tailor your weight loss routine to prevent or stop a plateau. What you need to do is change up what you’ve already been doing so that your body has to respond. This can include several things:
  • Increase your calorie intake slightly
  • Increase the intensity of your exercise plan
  • Try adding more protein to your diet
  • Drink more water

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