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Hi, I'm new to the forum and have joined because I feel I need support from other SW-'ers. I originally started dieting using calorie counting with SparkPeople. I lost 2 1/2 stone when I stuck to it. However, I started getting dizzy and hit a massive plateau and figured I wasn't getting my calorie allowances right so switched to SW. I've been doing it all from home using one of my mums old books and in the first two weeks I lost 2, then 3lbs. However, now I'm just not moving!! I'm following everything to a T and doing exercise etc but nothing seems to work. For 2 weeks now the scales haven't budged.

In my first week I allowed myself 10syns a day, then switched to 5syns and lost 3lbs in the the second week so have stuck to 5. Do you think it would help if I went back up to 10syns as I may be eating too little? I've gone through my food diary and totted up my calories and I'm only having about 1000 when you shouldn't have less than 1200 but I'm eating til I'm full etc. so just wondering if the extra calories in syns might help!

Also, I'm a vegetarian so have all green days. I've been having 28g cheddar or parmesan as my a choice, and 2 cups of tea (although I've now realised that I should be having about 5 to get my milk allowance in!) and 2 slices of Weight Watchers bread and 28g of any other cheese as my b choices. However, I've now discovered from some websites that I'm allowed 42g of feta, but I've been having 28g.

Can anyone please tell me exactly how much milk constitutes an a choice please?
And how many grams of halloumi I'm allowed as an a or b? Also, I'm thinking of starting to have cereal as a b choice to balance my diet a bit more instead of all the cheese. Does anyone know how much fruit and fibre cereal I'm allowed? I know it's 28g muesli etc. but I don't know if the raisins are allowed/count. All I have down here is my Shop to Slim Tesco book which doesn't help me with a and b choices.

Thanks for your help (if anyone does!) and if you have any tips for beating a plateau please share them!
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rainbows holiday buddy :)
i suggest you join a class - even if you go for one week. that way you wil recieve the current book which explains the plan properly....once you have that a feel you can go it alone, then do. but the book is helpful as it also tells you which foods speed your weightloss up, etc.

i would also up your sin intake.

i'm a vegetarian too so only stick to green days - they work well for me. make sure your eating plenty of fruit and veg. there's a plan called success express which gives the best weightloss results, but takes a bit of thinking to get right.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i count each cup of tea as 0.5 syns because i dont use enough for it to count as healthy extra!
you don't have to use the full amount of your allowance to count it as a healthy extra. you could those sins elsewhere ;)
Thanks, I've been thinking of going on eBay and trying to get the books. I know a woman on there is selling her whole lot at an alright price but it's weighing up the price she's selling to the joining and first class fee. On a very tight budget at the moment having just moved so any spends have to be thought about :mad:


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They have a special offer at the moment and your first night will only cost £9.50!

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