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i was at a plateaux of around 13 stone after losin 3 n a half stone. the last week or so ive made super speed soup to try help me finally get into the 12's!
try doing a 100% week i was fed up sts or not losing much then realised there were syns i had overlooked (on purpose lol) like ketchup on my meals but they all add up so done a 100% week (well on my 11th day now) and have lost 7lbs in that time might be worth u doing it but then again u might be following the plan properley all ready good luck x
Been stuck about 4 weeks now, I'm sticking to the plan but it could be something simple, maybe I'll evaluate a bit more over the next few days.
Change your healthy extras an have loads of speed foods- might be all your body needs to get things moving again.
Cheers, I'm going to re-read the SW book in a bit, underline some super free foods, pick them up tomorrow and give it a go, maybe look for the super speed soup recipe.

I'm going on a night out in London on Saturday and have just been trying to find a top to wear with my jeans that doesn't show all my rolls, no luck. Guess there's no chance of me dropping half a stone by Saturday lol :)
If all else fails, get some of those big pants that go right up to your bra - they keep all the rolls in (Peacocks and Primark do them for about £6). I find them very useful when you're between sizes and have to choose between jeans that look big and baggy, or jeans that make your legs look good, but push the wobble up and out!!
Thanks for the tip, that's just my predicament; my legs and bum look great, it's just everything else lol. We have a peacocks near us so I'll pop up tomorrow for a nosey.

If I buy the pants in a size to small will they hold more in? ;)

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