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  1. Nicola2006

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    My 2 BIL & 2 SIL plus MIL & FIL are all out for a meal this evening and Me & OH have obvioulsy been invited - I'm scared about this as i have said yes but worried it will knock me outta of Ketosis - Or even worse give me an increase - i just cannot let all his family go out and us stay in AGAIN Its not fair because he don't get to see his brother that often :sigh:

    I am going to voice my concerns with my CDC this afternoon -Offical weigh in was tommorrow but don't want to see the scales increase so going this afternoon - Then i will have a whole week an hopefully lose next week -I am quite hard on myself and VERY disaplined and know i will be on it again tommorrow no worries - but i'm jus worries this is going to delay my weightloss!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

    We are going to a Fish Resturant and i will have Steamed Cod And Veg - But I will have a sauce on the side as well other wise it will be very dry and i won't eat it and it will be a waste of money !!!!

    Anyway Any Advice on what else i could have!!!!

    Nicola :eek:
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  3. lu-c

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    :cry: tee hee I would be tempted to pull a big fat sicky ( I hate fish!)
  4. archantgirl

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    Most fish places serve chicken, so you could have that, and have salad with it. You can draw it out longer!!! I hope it goes well as it is a tough call.
  5. Happe

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    A bit of cod and veg isnt going to do you any harm, i doubt youll even put on weight with that. You just have to stick to water to drink and avoid desert. But then if you do eat what you want and enjoy yourself so you may delay reaching your goal by what 1-2 days, if you know you can get back straight on plan then dont sweat it. Have a great night, family nights are important.
  6. Mini

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    I would love to know what your CDC's advice is on this.

    Love Mini xxx
  7. jane

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    Something I'e bee warned about is restaurant salad dressing.The fat content is usually easy to spot -it's the layer that floats on the top.But commercial dressings ften have added thickeners & most of the best ones are starch or sugar derived. Balsamic vinegar dressings are supposed to be thin & ar flavoursome with less oil than traditional vinegar based dressings.Or so afoody friend of mine told me.(well,I'm a foodie too,wouldn't need to do CD if I weren't,but she does the restaurant circuit)
    I've suggested this thinking that you could use the dressing both on your salad & on your fish.I presume what you areaiming to avoid is a thick killer flour & butter based white sauce
  8. Keeliewheeliebin

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    argh! all this talk of food!!!
    no, really, stick to what you know wont harm you (ie plain fish and some veg)
    try not to get tempted to have a glass of wine or desert though.....good luck and be good!!

    keelie xx
  9. AmandaJayne

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    Couldn't you take your own dressing, something you've made up at home which is ok on the programme?

    I invented one which has balsamic vinegar, lemon and lime juice and ginger powder. It is lovely with anything!

    Or, if you were prepared to stay on the programme, could you not ask the restaraunt if they would be prepared to make up your soup and serve it with everyone's main course. You could offer to pay the going rate for a soup, and this way everyone is happy. (Phone in advance and explain). I did this and for four months the pub where I had lunch with my friends on a friday made up my soup and gave me a glass of water (they didn't charge me either).

    With some planning it is possible to stay on the programme, and you will feel great for having done so.
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  10. Gen

    Gen Normal

    I would fake a tummy bug... still go but not eat... if you could at all!!!

    Its so easy to knock urself off this diet but believe me crap hard to get back onto it!!

    Enjoy ur night whatever you decide


    Gen xxx
  11. Summerskye

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    Her CDC's advice was that if she absolutely HAS to eat out to stick to grilled/steamed fish and green vegetables only .. definitely no alcohol or potatoes and avoid the sauce like the plague! :rolleyes:

    She wasn't able to get to me today in the end, but I'll be seeing her tomorrow and hopefully she'll still have a good loss this week :)
  12. blitz

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    What a great idea Id have never of thought of doing this.
  13. jane

    jane Opinionated


    This must be the best tip I've read since....
    It is simple direct & effective. I think I'll try it when I have to take the family to our local pub for H's birthday later this month.
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