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please advise????????????

hi there,
I did Lipotrim earlier this year and lost 3 stone in 11 weeks. Stopped in the begining of May and I have put all the weight back on :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: I am so angry with myself, I dont seem to have an control what so ever!!!
I went to the chemist on Sat and got LT but not started yet, eat again today, there always seems to be something standing in my way.
I go away on the 24th August with my mum and dad for five days, they would go mad if they found out about LT (they dont agree with extreem diets) so I dont know wether to start when I return from Whales or start now!!!, i ve also got my science exam the sat before I go away so was worried the LT will make me light headed and not concentrate :eek::eek:

what does everyone else think? should I just start it or wait 2 weeks and start after hols? I am leaning towards starting after hols!!!!
Thanks x x
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I think if you don't feel like you can commit 100% it's best to start after the holiday. But, there are always reasons not to start really, aren't there? You know, social events, feeling a bit ill, etc. I took my A Levels while on LighterLife & I got four A's, so, I don't think it'll affect exam performance too much!

Good luck either way!!



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Like Hannah said, if you don't feel you can commit just yet, why not start after your holiday? You could always put yourself on some sort of low carb diet for now, at least that will help you get into ketosis and potentially reduce the effect of going straight on to the packs..?


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Agreed with the above, it seems like you will not be able to give 100% to the diet. Dont waste your time, money and effort. Wait until you get all of those things out of the way and start with a clean head.


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Hi florida girl, nice to see you back on the forum, but sorry you put the weight back on, better luck next time. I would start after the hols now, when you can give it 100% cos you know you can do it.


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Hey Florida Girl

If it were me I would start after the hols. But I would keep the eating in major check in the meantime. You don't want another stone to lose on top of the rest by the time you start!

Keep thinking about your start date and psyching yourself up for it till then.

Fellow reoffender here too! So I feel your pain.

Enjoy your hols! And good luck.


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Agree with the others, it seems you are building barriers to starting before your holidayl, so start afterwards with a clear head.

Do you know where you fell down with food after LT last time and why you put the weight back on? It must be hard to think about but it's something you need to confront when you do LT again :)

Best of luck!


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Enjoy your holiday first then put 100% into the diet when you return, it is well worth the effort but as others have said just keep an eye on what you are eating before your hols and while you are away (it was the hols that have caused me to go back on LT).


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Hi Florida

Oh, sorry to hear you put it back on again.....like Elle said, do you know what happened...did you go back to eating like before?

Yes, agree with everyone else, get all the obstacles out of the way and then commit 100% like you did last time, but this time round try and figure out why you eat the wrong things....you dont want to have to come back again now do you ;-)

Have a great holiday with your parents and good luck with the exam as well.
thanks so much everyone!!! I am going to wait till after my hols (I will eat healthy until then, hopefully I might loose a few pounds) I know where I went wrong, I wouldnt go on the scales, I just kept eating and eating, convincing myself that I'll be good the next day. Good to see everyone doing so well !!!! thanks again x x
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Hello again hun, I'm glad you have made a decision - I personally think it was the right one - you really need to be in the right frame of mind to do LT and I think you will be after your hols. Have a great time and come back relaxed and determined to do this.


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