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Please can someone explain the difference between WW and SW....


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Evening All!

I'm currently on the Cambridge Diet and LOVE IT!!! To date I've lost 63lbs with the end of my journey in sight! YIPPEE.... However, before starting the Cambridge Diet I have never dieted before:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: so the choice of diets is quite overwhelming!!!!

I'm seriously looking at maintaining either by using the SW or WW diets! However, the weight watchers website didn't really give that much information about the choice of foods that can be eaten on the diet. I know that SW it's either red or green days but I don't know anything about WW ie Can you mix carbs and protein together freely? ANY advice greatly appreciatedXXXX.
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Hi there

Well done on your weight loss so far :)

WW has 2 plans... points and Core.

On points you can eat absolutely anything at all, so long as you keep within your daily points allowance.

Core is similar to SW in that there are loads of 'free' food which you can eat and you can also have 21 points a week on top of that.

I love the freedom you have with points, if you want something like chocolate or a takeaway you can have it, it takes away the 'forbidden' element of things and also means because you have a McD's one day for instance then your diet isnt ruined for the week :)


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Thank you! Please can you tell me who decides the amount of points that you're allowed? I'm 5ft 4ins and weigh at the moment 10 stone 2lbs!!! XXX


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Thank you once again, I'm allowed 18 points!!! One last question......
Do you follow the WW diet using a book from WW and scales to weigh things, if not how do you work out the points value in food?
I have to get my 2 cents in lol!

With ww and the points as well your having to think carefully about meals and portion control which might be better for someone that has done cd.
When I reach goal with CD I was hoping to maintain using WW points method. Can anyone tell me how you work out how many points I should be on for maintaining, as I assume the method given is for losing weight?

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