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Hi guys, this is my first thread so i apologise if anything goes wrong, i tried this a minute ago and the whole page crashed :p

Anyhow, I have 2weeks of the Cambridge diet sole source program, I tried to start it on a Monday of last month, it went well but by the evening particulary after dinner i just couldn't take it and snacked like there was no tomorrow. A little dissappointed i tried again on the Wednesday and the same thing happened!!!:copon:

I'm fine in the morning and afternoon but come evening time i'm gagging for carbs, has anybody else had this problem and how did they overcome it??:sigh:

I'm planning on starting tomorrow (17th March) which is a Tuesday as its my busiest day.:confused:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me, i really want to lose the weight and don't want to keep wasting the diet formulas! :cry:

x much love
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I guess in a nutshell its how much you want it at the end of the day , nothing is easy ! but its thinking why did I want to lose weight in the first place and that should outweigh the negatives . Try sit down and get some photos to look at them and say do I want to carry on looking like this and is dieting better than eating and answering that Q , yes been there many times too like you have , get on a team and get some hard compo going , Look at the forum CD teams
Good luck you are doing great , Roll on Tuesday for you !


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hi Hun, If you are really finding it terribly difficult in the evenings, then the best thing to do...is either halve your last pack so tht you take it in two lots in the evening, or go up a level to the 810 plan where you can have a mini meal plus your evening shake.

Also it might help if you find a nice coffee or tea that you like (I love my Digestif Tea) so that you can drink it to your heart's content in the evenings.

i suffer from this urge myself so I know exactly how you feel....but I've weighed myself today and in my first week I have lost 7lbs!! Any urge to snack in the evenings is now firmly on the back burner cause I don't want to put that back on!!! :D

so...what can you practically do:

  • take your shakes later in the day
  • halve your last pack to stretch it further
  • find nice teas to drink in the evenings
  • get the orange flavour mix from your CDC....add some crushed ice to your water and make a slushie for an evening treat.
  • save your last meal as the porridge so you feel you are having an evening meal
  • stick something on your cupboard and fridge to motivate you not to open them....
Hope some of this helps...I know it helps me too! But if you DO have to eat something...I eat broccoli....a little green veg won't break your ketosis!


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Im exactly the same in the evenings. It not because im hungry as im not. So now i make sure i have something to do in the evenings to keep me busy and it does work. I hope you can find something that works for you. x


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I agree with MsJMC, the first few days will be really hard. You either stick to it, or you don't and you waste your money and your packs.
If you really want to lose the weight, then you will stick to it. Keep in your mind that it is NOT forever, and that in a few days time, you will not feel hungry, and your body will adjust to the low calorie intake.
If you can get through the first week, then the weight loss itself will keep you going through the next weeks.
Keep busy, have baths, take showers, read a book, watch a film. Just keep out of the kitchen!
Good luck,
Helen x


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Great advice from the folks above :)

I did SS with 3 shakes, and I know that I had to split these so that I had something for the evening. I just couldn't go the whole evening without something.

I had a mid evening ritual of half bar with coffee when the children had gone to bed. It was my special part of the evening and made the diet much more bearable.

Focus on how much you want this, and you'll find a way :hug99:


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Hi and welcome
I agree with all the advice given,I was really struggling last week and have been since xmas,my cdc said to me look do ss+ for 4 weeks,and thats it something fired up in my brain at the 4 weeks thing,its not long atall,why dont you try and focus on that by the time you have done 4 weeks you will be so into it you will carry on no doubts.Get a couple of days under your belt and build on it.Its so hard that first day but dont let that little voice enter your head,ignore it and push it away you need to break the habit,it is well known in this house that I go to bed at 8pm that is when I run out of packs!!Once im away from the kitchen Im fine,my trigger time is 4pm I always have a mousse,ice cream or a soup at the ready!!
JUst remember if you get going 4 weeks from now you could be a stone or more down,or if you dont 4 weeks from now you could be the same or worse still heavier!!
Good luck

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