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please help! cd bar vs atkins bar


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hello! well today i stupidly forgot all my CD food, and i am at work until 6 and wont get home until 7. i dont fancy having a shake, tetra, bar AND a ss+ meal between the hours of 7 and 10pm (i have to be in bed for 10 otherwise i get grumpy lol) so i was wondering if anyone had ever substituted a CD bar for an atkins bar? they are about 40 calories more i think but low in carb. do you think it would be ok for me to have one of those? i have already been over to the shop to see if they had any cottage cheese, tuna or chicken pieces to have with salad but would you believe it, they had nothing suitable!
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eeek! hard one. Sorry dont know the answer at all but I hope somebody comes on with a solution for you. I did that once and I had to wait till 6 to have all my shakes it was a killer I wasn't hungry just didn't feel well!


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Is there no way you could pop out and get a can of tuna in spring water and some lettuce, as you're on SS+ and then have the shake etc. when you get home?? xx

Ooops, just reread your post.

Atkins bar will keep you in ketosis, I don't think it will do much harm. Seems the best option xx
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i think the atkins bar will be fine, much better than a mars bar! lol
Good luck for today, and hope the day goes quick for you xx


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Because it's low carb, it should be fine!


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i have substituted with an atkins bar 2 times when i have been caught out and it didn't effect me i thought it would be the best option when i had nothing else to eat.
the fat will prob be higher (as atkins relies on high fat contents) but as a one off i def think it will better than nothing.



can see the end in sight!
thanks everyone!! got a splitting headache, but glugging the water now.
I love the Atkins bars and have to resist them! The choc decadence ones put the CD bars to shame imo.


can see the end in sight!
thats what i just had. walked into boots, looked for a salad that didnt have pasta or anything, couldnt find anything so bit the bullet and had a choc decadence. gorgeous, but a bit rich for me every day i think. i love the CD peanut bars for every day.

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