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please help im considering doing this.

Please can anyone help me , im interested in reading about sucess and AFTER issues... is it possible to loose the weight and keep it off ?.. anyone done this?

ive been on xenical for about 6 months and exercised like mad... ive lost 7 stone... but its all slowing down now and im worried that ill lose motivation so im looking for other diets i like the idea of this as its a pharmacy one and monitored.. also looking at LL and CD.

would would you suggest and would i not be able to do my weekly hip hop and gym sessions whilst on it?..
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hi pink well done on your loss, thats fantastic, have a look tru the maintenece thread, u should find the answers you looking for, but i personally beleive no matter how u lose the weight or what diet u on if u dont stay eating healthy after u will put on the weight, my brother lost 5stone just by healthy eating and excerise in 4 months, but went back eating take aways and fast food and no excerise and he put 3stone back on! best of luck what ever u decide to do :)

Yes people do lose alot of weight and if you do the refeed when your almost at your weight and introduce food slowly back into your diet you should not put weight back on.

Well done on all the weight you have already lost though, that is a big amount and in such a small time, I did xenical and I didnt get on with it at all and only lost 6 lbs in a month on it but Ive just had my first weigh in with this diet after 5 days and ive lost 8lbs...

You can do exercise on it as well, it shouldnt cause you any problems at all.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do !!


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Hi Pink

Welcome.....I cant comment about keeping the weight off, but my intention is certainly to keep it off...this has been a long hard journey and LT is certainly not for the fainthearted. There are people who have kept it off..

What Nicolas says is so true....if you lose all your weight, then re-feed properly then go back to your old ways, then, obviously it will go back on again. You need to eat healthily again for always to keep yourself in check. I would be lying if I said people dont put it on..because they do and there are people here who are on LT for the 2nd time...and I am sure they will tell you what happened.

You have certainly lost an incredible amount of weight so far which is amazing..LT is fantastic but it does require 100% commitment. Food just doesnt figure at all but I believe it is achievable if you want your ultimate goal.

The support you get on here is incredible too..

Regarding exercise..this is a bit of a debateable subject. You have to be very careful and selective because you are only consuming over 400 calories..not a lot and the last thing you want is to throw yourself into starvation mode...but, in saying that, there are people who have exercised hard...maybe it depends on the person. I didnt do a lot of physical aerobics as such; walking and cycling and only now am I looking to tone up...I feel that is the most important because you will lose LOADS anyway, so no need to boost your weight loss by hard exercise. Your body is being pushed as it is with just having shakes.

Sorry, rambling here!

A new diet might be what you need if you feel your motivation is starting to waiver a bit.

Good luck and hope you make the right decision for you.

Take care


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Hi Piink,
congratulations on such a brilliant weight loss. You have obviously been motivated up to now as you have done so well. It can be tough for us lot who have a lot to lose to keep that momentum going, perhaps a change of some scene may help you. Have you posted this on the xenical forum as others may have the same difficulty.
Just want to wish you all the best with whatever you chose to do.


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Hi, I have been maintaining for over 3 months now and my weight fluctuates +/- 4lbs. This is only due to water retention, hormonal etc, so it definitely is achievable to keep the weight off after total food replacement diets. It depends on your lifestyle after a TFR diet though, if you eat the wrong foods and go back to how you ate before, then obviously it will go back on, but with following the proper refeed and living a healthy lifestyle afterwards, it definitely is possible.

Well done on your losses up to now and good luck with lipotrim if you decide to follow the LT plan.
congrats on your weight loss, that is immense you must be chuffed!!

I've just got back on lipotrim, i lost almost 5 stone at the beginning of the year, but then came off and went back to my old eating habits and put about 2 and a half of it back on. Everyone is right in what they say, if you don't maintain a healthy lifestyle then you will put the weight back on, regardless of what diet you choose to do. It really frustrates me when I tell people i'm doing the diet and they say ' oh the trouble with them is that once you lose it, you put it all back on'. This is usually said by people who are a size 8 and have never dieted in their life!!grrr.
All i can say is lipotrim is certainly the best diet i have been on, and if i can do it, anyone can. its tough, but after you get through the first couple of weeks, you gradually start to disassociate yourself from food and it becomes easier. The trick is (and i plan on doing it this time) is to start retraining yourself whilst on it, in order to start new habits when you come to refeed.

good luck in what you decide to do honey!!i've only been on the forum a few days but already i have had so much support so your definately sure to get that if nothing else!


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