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Please Help just started CD Full source info/advice sought

Hi there i currently weigh 20 stone and im a 24yr old male from just outside glasgow. I started Cambridge Diet Full source on 10th August 2007 and on my first week i lost 8lbs. I kknow this is very good but my expectations were to lose more. Alot of friends told me i would have lost at least 1 stone but i was a little diheartened. I am just wondering if the reason why it was only 8lbs i lost, did it have anything to do with the fact i was eating alot right up until midnight the night before i started my diet. supposedly it may have taken time to burn off all that food first before i went into ketostis. Anyways i bought ketostix which i must say was quite difficult to get a hold of as one chemist refused to sell me them as people who were on the atkins diet were abusing them. I tested just before i got weighed and i had a dark pinky colour which showed i was in ketosis. I did another one yesterday and it is on the darkest purple which i believe is pure fat burning. I am going on holiday on 17 september and want to know how much weight it would be possible for me to lose before i go. I have stuck to he diet 100% strictly not even having diet coke or sugarfree gum etc.

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Hi Chris

Think Maggie is right sounds like you are a little dehydrated. Try increasing your water, it will also speed up the weight loss "the more you drink the more you shrink". How are you finding CD, keep us posted on how you are getting on. We're always here for support, encouragement or just a chat.



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Hiya Chris and welcome :)

As the others have said, it does sound like you are a little dehydrated. You need to aim for a paler pink. Having said that, don't worry too much about the stix. They aren't a very accurate.

If you're sticking to the diet and not hungry, then you are in ketosis :)

8lbs loss is great. I can understand you being a little disappointed as men usually lose a bit more in the first week, but I bet you'll have a big loss next week:clap:

Some chemists do have an odd stance on who they sell the stix too. How on earth can anyone abuse them though?? That's hilarious.

They wouldn't actually be using them would they? :D

Can you imagine the chemist not selling scales because people kept weighing themselves :D :D

That's really tickled me.

Anyway, well done for sticking to the diet. Doing 100% sole source means you are going to lose the weight as fast as your body will let you. You can't do better than perfect can you, so hold tight and it will melt away.
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Can you imagine the chemist not selling scales because people kept weighing themselves

Excellent analogy Karion, it is quite bizarre. I am pleased to report I got mine from Boots without any problem, they even ordered them in for me. I didn't know about all the problems people had experienced though otherwise I would have been too nervous to ask.



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As wl8 & porgeous have already said you are definately not drinking enough water if the ketostix are dark purple, which is not good for you so get glugging.

An 8lbs weight loss if still pretty good for wk 1 and if you up your water intake and stick to SSing 100% you'll definately get good results next time too. If you read around some of the posts on here, you'll see that it is often said that guys lose the weight more quickly then us girls, so I reckon you'll easily be losing well above 1 stone a month.

Look about for IceMousse posts, he's a definate role model for CDers in general and his blog will give you some idea of his journey ~ he lost just under 12 stone and has maintained his weight loss for 17 months. His before and after pics are amazing, and will show you just what you can achieve.

Oh and welcome to minimins :)


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Can you imagine the chemist not selling scales because people kept weighing themselves
Excellent analogy Karion, it is quite bizarre.
It is bizarre, but has really made me smile this morning. This definitely deserves a thread of its own :D Hope Chris doesn't mind!

Look about for IceMousse posts,
Yes, do! Mike rocks! :D
Hi well it was boots i tried to get them from and they told me know that i would have to speak to the pharmacist. i asked how in anyway could they be abused its not like you are going to overdose on them. That was funny about the scales and is true. I eventually got them from moss the chemist, a wee bottle of 50 for £5.15 The girl at the counter told me that they used to restrict them too and at one point they had increased the price to £25 to stop people from buying them!! Crazy or what.
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sam it says that you should drink at least 2.5 litres per day. I have been drinking approx 4 litres if not more per day every day. But for some strange reason it is more purple this week.
I'm the same Chris. I drink 4 litres and am far from dehydrated but turn the sticks royal purple. I wouldn't worry too much:)
Well done and welcome:D

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