please help me, I'm distraught


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I have been on so many diets in my time and failed everyone of them. There is a slimming world meeting at the top of my road so i have now arranged my studies and work to fit in meetings.

Im so upset its taken something so horrible to happen to kick me into gear. On saturday night a group of blokes circled me at the train station and started to sing to me telling me how fat and ugly I am. Then proceeded to ask members of the public of they thought I was fat and ugly. I was so scared and humiliated. I have to do this now, but i need help, big time. I want to lose 2lbs a week so i can have a huge loss for uni next year.

right now I hate myself, sorry for the pity party but I'm at an all time low
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That is an awful thing to happen. But try and put it out of your mind and concentrate on going to the class and losing some weight because you want to.

Start a diary on the SW section and let us help and encouragement you

What night is the class on?

You are feeling low now but as the pounds drop off you'll start to perk up

Big ((((hugs))))

Irene xx


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Don't ever hate yourself hunni, what a horrible bunch of people. From your display picture I can say that your not ugly at all, my ruling is never let anybody especially a man tell you you are.

Slimming World is great thats why I am rejoining as the groups are really helpful and a give good motivation plus you don't feel hungry as you aren't banishing foods from your diet you just change the way in which you eat.

Good luck . xx


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OMG f*ing ba*tards!!! How dare they humilliate you like that. Nobody deserves that. Please do not hate yourself. They are the lowest of the low. Did any passers by help you? If you want to and you are ready to you should lose weight (for yourself) not for those sad little people. Feel free to express your feelings on here, there are lots of great people to give good advice and sw is a great plan.

Sorry you had to go through that horrific ordeal but just remember you are a million times better than them. I am so angry!!


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Firstly don't hate yourself. Secondly do this for you not for anyone else and you will succeed. Keep popping in to this fab forum as it helps so much, i found it right at the begining when i first joined my local class and it has been wonderful, so helpful with so many things i feel like iv'e gained so many new friends. Check out the recipe stickies and 2lbs a weekis a great amount to work. Iv'e lost nearly 4 stone since begining of March. Welcome aboard. xxx Loobylou


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the meeting is on a tuesday night so I will be starting next week as I have no money this week, I want to pay for 12 meetings up front for encouragement. Ive done SW before and I love their HE Bars. Im a vegetarian so I assume I will mostly be doing green days.
Only problem I have is the fact I leave my house at 7am and dont return until 8pm as i am a student and I work at night, will I be eating too late? Also any tips of fitting in some exercise?


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Newbie here!

Hello thats an awful thing to happen so hugs to you. I just joined tonight so if you want a buddy then give me a shout. I have at least 6st to lose so will be around for the long term. Keep your chin up chick :)

Sara x


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What a bunch of creeps :mad: !

You aren't ugly, unless you've posted a pic of someone else as your avitar? You look pretty from where I'm sitting :)

You are starting a journey towards a more positive future for yourself, I think you should take stock and think of all the good things that will come from doing this. Don't make the focus of doing something so positive, be a negative experience.

Forget those tos*ers, and think about why you want to do this for you, you are the most important person in the equation!!!! :hug99:


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The sw he bars are great but so are alpen light bars and 2 of them count as one healthy extra. Good idea about paying for 12 meetings, it means you will defo go. I eat late and it hasn't done my losses any harm. Try and get some extra walking in. Good luck


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thank you for the lovely messages. I REALLY want to do this for myself, this time 2 yrs ago I had lost 4 I have gained back 5 I feel horrendous.

I feel that SW works in favour with my budget too, I don't live at home so I hardly have any money so I'll be safe in the knowledge if I'm really skint I can have noodles lol
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:wave_cry: Hi there.. first of all I just want to say how sorry I am that that happened to you! What a bunch of pigs! You are certainly not ugly.. I can see by your picture your not anyway ugly! ;) Welcome to this wonderful site... and I'm only new on it and I love it already, it's so motivating and supportive.
Slimming World is great because you can lose weight and still eat normal healthy food, and when you do have those occasions, you can save your syns and enjoy yourself. So don't worry were all here to help and support you.:D:D:D


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The thing is my lovely is that you are already so much better than those a**eholes at the station... They will always be ugly as they have ugly minds... bet they all virgins or repressed by their mothers!!!..

Soon you will be the slimmer you that YOU want to be .. not what you think others want you to be...

Dont hate yourself for one minute.. you will find this forum full of people like you :D


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thank you for the lovely messages. I REALLY want to do this for myself, this time 2 yrs ago I had lost 4 I have gained back 5 I feel horrendous.

I feel that SW works in favour with my budget too, I don't live at home so I hardly have any money so I'll be safe in the knowledge if I'm really skint I can have noodles lol
Get the password from your consultant for SW online and theres a students budget weeks menu, this might help. xxx

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welcome to the site..............people can be so mean and cruel...take no notice..........don't get down about it get even and lose the weight...this is a wonderful site and the girls have loads of ideas for meals.................good luck


rainbows holiday buddy :)
absolute c***'s!!! that's all i have to say about them! ...and i'd say it to their faces given half the chance.

i wish you luck with SW - we're all here for you if you need anything...

...and make sure you walk with a cocky swagger (even if you feel really insecure)- people don't tend to pick on other who appear really confident and a little arogant ;)

*** Di ***

What a horrible experience for you. How can people stoop so low as to do that to other human beings!!

Try to put it out of your mind. Their thoughts and actions aren't anything to do with you. They are crazy people whose thoughts shouldn't even enter your mind.

I hope you enjoy your first meeting and find how you can eat healthy food and enjoy it.


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what a bunch of idiots, they don't even deserve the time we're spending talking about them!!You are beautiful on the inside and from your pic you beautiful on the outside. They are simply fools! look at it this way how insecure must they be to pick on others to take the focus off them. Absolute Ar**holes!! I can't tell you how angry I am I'm spitting!!You will do this if you want to but only for yourself please don't change for other people, 2lb a week is a fab target I loose about that and I have lost 3 1/2 stone since june.Get your head in the right place and go for it!! and keep coming back here it's a great support and insight into how others really think.Come on SW lads, tell her she's beautiful!! She's better looking than me!!Keep your chin upxxxx


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These boys sound like very horrible people and I agree that they are probably virgins and feel very insecure themselves. People like them usually pick on others because of their own insecurities.

I had 9 stone to lose when I started SW at the end of August. I have now lost over 1.5 stone. The best way to lose it is slow and steady, ie 1-2lbs a week. This will make sure that you are healthy and you will have more chance of keeping it off. Eating after a certain time is a myth. We talked about this in class last night and the consultant said that your body will process the calories in exactly the same way regardless of when you eat it.

Just make sure that you take plenty with you so that you always have something to eat when your away from home. Some bulk cooking may help too (if your budget allows) so that you can have a meal ready in mins when you come home in the evening.

And please remember, we are all in the same boat on here and we all encourage each other, whether we have lost or gained, or are stuggling, you will always find a sympathetic ear, so never feel your on your own.

Good luck for next week and put those silly boys out of your mind :D


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Forget about those guys... No, in fact, THANK them. For they have sparked you into remembering how you want to be and giving you the motivation to concentrate on improving your own life for your own health and happiness. For YOU! Not for how others may or may not see you, for that is not important. You and your own personal fulfilment and happiness is what matters. So happy days! Welcome back to SW and to the forum! :)


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Hello sweetheart. I have sat here with my mouth wide open! I cannot believe that happens in this day and age when the majority of england arent stick thin!
I had this when i was about 15 but got teased by a group of girls saying i had a hippos bum and shouted fatty fatty bum bum (hence the fatty no more) I am 27 now and it still is in my head BUT..... i am happy. If you have friends and family who love you and who know you then you know you are a nice person and fromthe little post you have put here my heart went out to you!
I apologise on those C*cks behalf cos they are human beings and they give human beings a bad name!
They probably fancied you, and reverted back to their childhood ways your gorgeous as I can see from your pic!
I have a website in my signiture which has budget meals (i know what its like to be on a budget) and also look at the stickys.
Bulk cook!
I work 7am till 7pm or 7pm till 7am so i know the feeling and BULK cooking is a god send. Plus you save money by not buying sarnies from the shop!

You can do this if this is for you hunny. We are all behind you. Hold your head up high cos you just made however many thousand friends of the people who visit this board! Who can say they have over a thousand friends aye?
love ya and heres a MASSIVE hug for you!