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Please help me!!!

Im so hungry and think i might cave. My hubby has just gone down the chippy for his and my bro's dinner and i dont know what to do. he said he wouldnt go but i cant let him suffer, ive been hungry all day today, could it be coz ive had the bars. ive had all my packs today any sugestions?
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Hey hun, get a nother pack down you and plenty more water!! I f you cant stop piddling you will miss them eating there chips cos you will be on the loo for an hour. Another pack will also stop you from having something dreadful and wont affect your losses to much im sure!! Good luck. Sarahxx.
Hi yummy mummy

Have you got any of the savoury soup powder? Dont give in you have done so well. Yeah Im sure the chips would taste great while your eating them but they wont seem so good when you have finished, they will be a bit of an anti climax.

Be strong
Sending hugs :grouphugg:



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Go get in a bath until they have eaten and cleared up. or go for a walk anything just get yourself away from the smell. If you have to have an extra pack, that wont do you no harm. Come on Yummy, you can beat the attack of the chip shop.
thanks sarah, i know this isgonnasound funny but if i was to chew it and spit it out without swallowing it do you think it will make a diffrence? i just dont know what to do. how long you been doing CD for? have you done aam yet? sorry for all the questions x x
thanks all, i cant have a bath just put baby down and the boiler makes to much noise and i cant go for a walk coz its p**sing down. im just having some jelly that i made but already had a bowl today and 3 packs. also make some crisps with veg soup and i dont really like them to eat. Ahhhhhhh i want to eat so bad x


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Ive been on restart for 3 weeks but I did 4 months last year when I lost 5 stone, I didnt do many add a meals last time as my counsellor said didnt have to if I didnt want to but ive now discovered from new counsellor its dangerous not to do aam. Dont try the chew and spit thing it wont work and you will want more. Im not having the easiest of times since restart, ive had several meals and still lost so maybe im not the best person to advise you but 1 of the ways I get round cravings is to have 2 eggs scrambled, no milk added and it gets me through without coming out of ketosis or if you have any a bit of cooked chicken just so you can chew. It may do you world of good to have something but you will feel regret after!!! Good luck honey were all here for you Sarahxx.
If you chew it and spit it out it will just leave you wanting more. Like SarahP sadi glug down a couple of pints of water you will be so busy on the loo they wont affect you.

What about some coke zero? I know its not food but a bit of a treat!!
thanks for that. i have a terrible love/hate relationship with this diet and its driving me crazy.


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S: 21st13lb C: 21st13lb G: 19st13lb BMI: 46.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Know just what you mean, I hate the diet with a passion but I LOVE the results!! Just remember the results are better than the food tastes, Sarahhx.
are we allowed coke zero? i didnt know that.
My friend who does CD had a whole chinese chewing and spitting out along with loads of water she said it left the taste in her mouth then the water filled her up. I really dont know how im gonna get through the next 2weeks with no food, do you think it will do much harm doing aam next week (week4)


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Some people have great losses on and after aam cos its seems to kick start metabolism again, coke zero can be had in moderation but it can take some people out of ketosis and start cravings!! I do have an odd bit per week but no more than 1 glass. Sarahxx.
well there back now with lovely chips and fish soive had a nibble and the fish, i know i shouldnt of nut icouldnt help it, but now ive had some i feel satisfied that i have had food im my mouth. So much for the coke zero they have come back with a bottle of cherry cola wont be having any ofthat coz i dont like it. why cant i be naturaklly skinny then i could eat whatever i wanted and not have to seem like im punishing myself x
Hope your feeling better. My H2be has just sat down with a plate full of chips and two garlic kievs :drool: So down has gone another litre of water. I have already told him I hope it gives him the squits!! lol.


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Glad that bits made you feel better, you will be fine im sure now!! Sarahxx.
yeah i think i should put some kinda curse on them both, dont you just hate men!!!! i think i need to stop having the bars they make me so hungry. as of tomorrow no more bars


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I think the hungry monsters are out this weekend ~ everyone is struggling

You are doing so well try to stop thinking about food, i am on aam this week and it is awful one little taste just does not cut it for a big bubbly girl !!

I totally agree this is the worst and best diet that I have ever done

Fish and chips in the house ~ now thats just torture

Keep saying to yourself you are mind hungry and not really hungry ( worth a try!!!!)
Have you tried cutting your bar up and putting it in the freezer so it will take you longer to get through and leave you feeling more satisfied.
no never tryed that, i dont know what to do, i think i just need food regardless of how small it is! im not sure wether to do aam next week or not? the week after my hubby is taking me to see dirty dancing so i know that one day will be bad, havent been out in ages and need to make the most of it. im just having such a bad time with this x x
Make sure you compensate for the day you have been bad by drinking more water the next day than you normally do and it may help.

Im so jealous I want to see dirty dancing!! You will have a fab time.

I find myself not feeling hungry but just wanting to eat but I think how much this diet costing me lol and it soon puts me off!! If it I was on my own and didnt have H2be and my little man it would be so much easier.


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