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please help me :(


i love minimins me :)
i am so so so gutted

i went for my weigh in today and lost 8lb for my first week, and for some stupid reason i was gutted :(, then my ex rang me and were chattin away and then he decides to tell me all bout his new g/f how perfect she is, how she is the best thing that has ever happened to him, then started tellin me his fav bits about her etc so i lost it n shouted at him, he was sayin how her body is perfect etc (she is 2 sizes bigger than me, and wen i sed i as going on a diet he sed it was a good idea that i did :eek: )

so i eneded up getting off the bus 2 stops early going to the cash machine and buying loads n loads of food, and have ate it all :cry: i am soooo angry and upset with myself, n it wasnt like it was there and i fancied it i especially went and got money out n bought it to eat

by loads of food i mean 3 bags of crisps, a egg mayo sandwich and 4 bars of chocolate

my tummy hurts so so much i feel really really sick and i cant stop crying, i no i haveto drawn a line under it and start again now, have tried drinkin loads of water but makes me feel worse, nd i cant believe i am puttin myself through the whole ketosis thing again after how ill i was :cry:

how much can i now expect to loose if i stick to it 100% from now till thursday which is weigh day?

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oh hun :(

You can turn this around, you got stressed so you ate. yoiu need to find soemthing other than food at times of stress. can you get a stressball? something else? go and beat up a pillow?

I dont know how much 'damage' this has caused regarding next weeks loss, but you can turn it around.
Aww sweetie! I have come to the conclusion that Men are rubbish! He sounds like a pig, so I'm glad he's your ex.

The good thing is that you came straight back here.
Its such a shame cos you've had a really good week, and you should be very proud of your loss.

Don't panic about the food/weight it happens to all of us, last time round I got really angry at something (I can't even remember why) and pigged out big time, my stomach ached for ages and that kick started the whole hunger thing once more :(

I'm not sure about how much weight you'll lose, but have you tried a hot water bottle on your tum?

I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, so I'm sending you hugs across cyberspace..


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Oh you poor thing hun......guzzle down loads of water over the next few days hopefully that will help to flush things threw. People lose weight at different rates please don't be disappointed with your 8lbs loss it's a fanstatic amount to lose in one week.:wow:

don't beat yourself up over this, it'll only make you feel worst. put it behind you and move on. your only human after all.

Good luck, i'm sending you a group hug hope it will help to cheer you up!! :grouphugg:

S: 16st6lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 5st8lb(33.91%)
Hi Stacey,

You look gorgeous in your pic!

Thanks Goodness he's an ex...he definately don't deserve you... I think if you jump straight back into the diet, you will be fine and you'll still have a good loss this next week....you got 6 days!!!:)

I'm maintaing but i have during maintainance had little pig outs but I jump straight back on and it hasn't affected my losses!

leave your ATM card at home next time ...lol....and come direct to minimins!!

Keep drinking...put it behind you...the past you can't change but the future you can predict...



i love minimins me :)
thanks everyone, i knew i had to confess on here to stop me feeling so guilty, ur right in terms of my ex i cant stand him anymore

i really wanna be sick but i no that is such a terrible thing to say


p.s thanks everyone xxx


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
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Just think how gutted he is going to be when you are fantastic and slim, bronzed (hopefully), he will then see what he is missing and you will have someone who treats you better than that... you deserve to be happy and it sounds like you definately couldn't of been with him... some men are so two faced.. Now put a line under it, you know what made you eat so be strong in future especially if you talk to him or bump into him in the street. Keep gluggin the water and stick to it 100% and hopefully you won't see any gain..Love


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Congrats on the 8 lb. And it's too late to get worked up about the binge. And i can so understand why you ate it. You are so much better without him and good luck with the rest of the week
Irene xx


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What IS it with men??


Hun you are a gorgeous girl, and when you reach goal you will be doubly gorgeous.

His insensitivity is, to say the least, stunning.

You didn't eat for Great Britain and you must simply put this behind you. All you did was turn to your usual source of comfort when very stressed. You didn't go on a drunken bender - AND eat a huge takeaway - you ate a comparatively small amount. I bet you used to eat far more than that during past binges!

Take heart, and just keep going.

I broke up with a man I adored last October. I spent the worst months of my life, particularly over Christmas and New Year, trying to cope with the grief. He bitched about me to friends, and said very hurtful and untrue things.

Why exes do this kind of thing I just don't know, but so many do, and we emotional peeps suffer.

I'm slowly but surely getting over my pain. Not completely out of the woods yet but one day I will be.

In the meantime I am losing the weight to make me feel glam. He loved me a stone or two heavier!

Life is sure funny at times - and not 'funny ha ha'.

You WILL get there in the end.



i love minimins me :)
i dont know why i let him get to me cos 1 i def dont even wanna be with him and 2 i know he only sed it to g to me and it worked :(

i am jus so gutted at myself cos i was sooo postive about stickin to it 100% oh well just gonna have to have 5 litres of water lol, and ur right at least it wasnt 2 pizzas which i have done before :( i jus want rid of it out my tummy cos it makes me feel sick

S: 17st2lb C: 17st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Wise words from all of the above......next time you wanna eat coz the ex is stressing you...imagine his face when he sees the new and improved you......:)

More importantly imagine how sick he will feel when he realises that he has missed his chance with you!!!!!




i love minimins me :)
i cant really work him out when he finished me it was cos he didnt like my lifestyle (meaning that i am mates with my ex and that a few of my close mates r lads) even tho he knew i wudnt cheat, i accepted it although think it was pathetic excuse and we decided to be mates *stupid stupid stupid* everytime i talk to him on msn he upsets me, he asked me for a link for a website so i commented him on myspace wth the link n ended up with loves ya (btw i write this alll tim time to everyone) and he rang me kickin off and deleted it cos he wud get wrong off his g/f, they r clearly both jealous and pathetic pple who r clearly suited to eachother

am determined to loose this weight n then be pretty :D least i know i will never cheat again after feeling this bad



a bit different everyday
Darling you are pretty.......................

he was so obviously trying to make you jealous and sabotage your diet by making you feel insecure

dont let him win;)


i love minimins me :)
thanks guys, yip he confuses me to lol

feel a bit better after my cry lol, lucky enough to have done it today so i still have 6 days to un-do the damage for the next weigh in :)

Hey Stacey
I ahve been on the diet now for 3 weeks an stuck to it for 2!
Got weighed on monday and decieded to 'treat' myself afterwards!!!
Anyway since then i have had a chicken kebab, 2 bags of chips, a big mac, a pizza and cadburys caramel :break_diet:
I have decieded i cant mess around no longer!!!
I am going Ibiza with my mates this summer and they are all skinnys so i must lose som weight!!
I have also bought loads of clothes in preparation to me being a size 12!
I aint having anything else to eat tonight and am determined to start a fresh tomorrow!
Was thinkin we could come on here and post eveytime we wanted to eat!
Good luck hun......
Oh an well done on losin ya first 8lb! woohoo!!!
Love Jo xx
Hi Stacey How are you feeling now?

Just got back from my 1st WI, 3lbs loss - which is cool considering I cheated VV baly last night. I felt rubbish all day at work and then had college in the eve, Was feeling so crappy that I grabbed a burger king on the way home. I feel like I've been punched in the stomach.
So naturally I was really nervous about my WI, and woo ho I've still lsot 3 lbs.

The moral of the story- even thoguh I cheated I still managed to lose weight.


i love minimins me :)

i am jus so so dissapointed in myself, and my tummy aches so much, am not sure if i could even eat my other 2 packs it hurts to much or if i am even supposed to?

well done on ya loss

we will get there soon :)


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