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please help me!!

Any advice you can give would be appreciated- I'm ruining everything!!!
I'm so upset with myself- I'm supposed to be on ss- been doing quite well more on diet than off- unti last tues- I got weighed then that was it- iv been messing about ever since!!
Woke up this morning determined to get through today iv just eaten a bloody choc muffin- aaaggghhh! Any words of wisdom?? Please?
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As many wise folk have told me hun.. put it behind you and move on.. remove the reasons why u choose to do CD. Why do you want to be Thin?.
i,m only on day 8 so totally understand how hard it is.. just keep on going the results are quick to come.. read some of the stories on here!!!
Keep your eyes on the prize, the path is long but the time can be quick, stop eating, and make your pack your next meal. Do not be hard on yourself there will be ups adn downs during (and after!) many diets, this is just a scenic route, now STOP and get back on that rollercoaster!!!


Slowly but surely x
i posted soemthing similar today but what I think it is, is that you have some great losses so you decided to treat yourself. the sugary carbs give you a moments satisfaction but a gruelling slice of glucose and weight gain.
If you get hungry, opt for a boiled egg or a piece of fish and chicken that will still keep you in ketosis and within the realms of CD allowable foods on ss+.
So your choices in future are cake and wieght gain or protein and chances of still losing a little xx
It is simple - willpower... you need to be stong and stay focussed.

I've often said that this is the easiest diet i've ever been on - and the hardest.

When you are in the "zone" - CD is a doddle. When you are struggling, i swear to god, it's the hardest thing to do in the world.

I had a horrible weekend. I nearly cried yesterday when my BF was eating warmed up leftover pizza from Saturday night. I was fine on Saturday when he was eating it, yesterday tho - I felt I was hard-done by, and that life just simply wasn't fair.

I was in a right grump. No, it was more than a grump - i felt completely depressed, close to tears and hated CD with a vengeance.

Today tho - i'm fine. Just fine.

So please don't worry - just move on. Complete waste of time fretting over it. You'll be fine.



hoping for a good loss
It is so bloody hard isn't it. Look at your losses and remember how you felt at the beginning before you started. How unhappy you were and then remember the elation at getting on the scales and seeing the lbs melting away.

I think a major problem is that we are losing weight nicely and our clothes are starting to get looser, maybe people are beginning to notice and we then get a bit complacent about the whole thing and thing that a little cheat here or there won't hurt. However once we start to cheat we get ourselves into a vicious circle.

Hugs hun, try and refocus on what you want to acheive. It is such a short time comparitively that we will be doing this until we get to our goal weight and then we are free to have the odd treat. Go read Awaken Me's diary and use that to help inspire you - she is one amazing woman.

Hugs again, Charlie xx
I've often said that this is the easiest diet i've ever been on - and the hardest.

When you are in the "zone" - CD is a doddle. When you are struggling, i swear to god, it's the hardest thing to do in the world.
I COMPLETELY agree with this. Some days I'm fine, other days I HATE CD and shakes and want to be normal! Other days I accept that this is a short term fix and I am doing this to be the weight my body deserves to be.

mmmmmmm chocolate muffin

no no real helpfull words too busy drooling.... im on week erm i think 6 oh no its 7 and im having a run

not like a real run!:D run of 4 or 5 days of feeling absolutely starving!!!! still in ketosis so dont know why!
So firstly- thank you so much for all of your replies!
Some very good advice, some of which iv been trying to tell myself but somehow it's easier to listen to other people!
My day just carried on getting worse so I'm just off to bed with the intention of starting a fresh tomorrow! Thanks for listening xx


hoping for a good loss
Have a good day chick - you know you can do it x
Ahh thanks so much new start today- I have a feeling il be on here most of it- lol x
Just popping on to say- still 100% having first shake soon, I'd say 2-4pm will be hard today- so I'm coming on here lol- back later x

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