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Please Help - Mum is not a happy bunny!!

Girls n Gals

Please advise - My Mum n I have had our first weeks weight in this morning.
My Mamma started at 11stone and has only lost 6.5ib today and is not chuffed at all -

Can you please advise what your weight loses wr for week one for starting at around 11stone xx
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Is she SERIOUS!?!?! What other diet has she done that has resulted in more losses than that?!?!:confused::confused::confused:
I get baffled & frustrated by people who lose nearly half a stone and are upset?!?!
She was 11stone starting off, now unless she's VERY short, she won't have an awful lot to lose to get to goal, so yes- her losses will probably be smaller than others, but to lose nearly a half stone the first week and be upset....I'm stunned.:eek:
Irish Mum

Thanks so much for the quick response
I think you've put Mamma's mind at ease ~


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I have to ditto what Irish has said, half a stone off in 1 week is phenomenal. I think maybe your mum had unrealistic expectations based on the losses of people who have a lot more weight to lose than she does, tell her not to compare her losses with yours, you are both different sizes and shapes with different lifestyles. Her body will lose at a rate that's individual to her and she should be over the moon with half a stone off, I know I would be!

Congrats on your own 9.5lbs weightloss this week, hope that has boosted you to keep going for the coming week.


A little of everything!
I hope I didn't come across as snotty in my previous post (I have a tendency to post without thinking- kind of 'foot-in-mouth' via a keyboard! LOL!)
Its a fantastic loss.
Just to point out though, her losses will probably be less next week- but it'll all be FAT. She's (and you) have lost excess water & fat this week as your bodies get used to carb withdrawal. Maybe she had less fluid retention than others, that- plus the fact she's not that overweight could've resulted in her 'small' loss (but it wasn't small- she needs to know that!!!)
If I had been in her starting position I'd have expected a 5lb loss or so- anything over that would've been a massive bonus!


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I have to agree with irish. Your mum really has nothing to winge about - she has just lost almost half a stone in 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being 11st she probably doesnt have a lot to lose so in terms of her weight etc 6.5lbs is a massive loss!! :)

mrs bee

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Yeah ditto the others, I'd be chuffed with that!
Mind you I'd be chuffed with weighing 11 stone too!
Ok Im now just under 11 stone I think you shud definitely tell your mother that she needs to expect smaller loses because otherwise she will not last on this diet. Yes it is hard looking at other people's loses but the fact is wen you have less to lose your body will not lose lots every week. I have learnt this in the last few weeks as soon as i got into the healthy bmi range my body stopped losing much but i have been researching this since and this is normal your body has a certain plateau in which you will lose weight at a certain weight then wen you get to it you will notice your only losing a tiny amount but then your body will readjust itself and head for a lower plateau. This is all based on scientific stuff that i dont really understand but thinking logically this is very true. Tell her that 1lbs is 8 bloody sausages and if she tinks she can lose that every week on a different diet she shud do it.

i believe this is not just a diet to lose weight this is about examining your food habits and much more. this is about taking control and saying i will not allow food ruin or control my life anymore. please tell her that this diet is so much more than losing a half a stone a week.

Great news on your loss hun its really great i hope you are feeling better now after week 1 withdrawals. good luck with week 2.
Got to agree...

Can't imagine she has a great deal to lose at 11st.
I need to lose a minimum of 5/6st to get into the 'healthly' BMI - so my first loss is bound to be a huge amount in comparison to her.

Do reassure her and I hope she can see that that loss IS great - let's face it, most other diets would take 3 weeks+ to get that!!
When I weighed 18.4 I lost 7lb in the first week and then never lost more than 3/4 pounds per week (first time round) so I think both losses are absolutely brilliant and I would love to be 11 stone too. Hope week 2 goes well for you both, I am sure it will as you can support each other.

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