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Please help, my 1st week & no weight lose?????

Hi All,

Ive been trying to lose weight since Jan with no success so joint SW in April. After just 3 days I could really feel it working so jumped on the scales & I'd lost 2kgs, I was so happy & motivated because finally I had found a diet that worked for me, but when I weighed myself a week later I was back to my original weight, however I still continued for another 2 weeks with no weight lost, so I gave up.

Ive now put on yet another stone & started sw again last week & stuck to it 100%, this morning Ive jumped on the scales & ive lost nothing. I measure my healthy opts, use my syns for a 2 finger kit kat & some extra light mayo, I have been sticking to extra easy as I find this easy, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG as I read about people that lose 6 - 10 lbs in the first week. Am I eating to much free foods? Has anyone else new to sw had this problem?
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do you do sw at home or class? how much have you got to lose? are your scales in the same place ? have you tried weighing at boots?
have you done a food diary?
I do it at home, I need to lose 5 stone, my scales are in the same place, I havent kept a food diary so will start today, thanks for that


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also make sure you weigh at the same time each week and not throughout the week as your weight will fluctuate only weigh the once

Post your food diary on here and then we can see what your eating and if you are doing anything wrong.

Doesnt seem that way from what you said, so just stick to it and maybe you will see the results next week! :)

Mrs V

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Another thing to think about is varying the food that you eat. Dont just eat the same things over and over, your body does get used to digesting it.
Also, you may be someone that needs to have a variety of days, rather than just EE. I tend to have 3 EE days and the rest Red and this is working for me.
Keep a food diary, but also have a look through the others on here for some ideas to Hun.

Good luck.
Hi All,

Thanks for your advice. I have started a food diary & will post it so if I am going wrong some one can point me in the right direction, Im also going to go through my books & try a varied week using red & green days & hopefully I will see a weight lose.

Thanks again.


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write down on here what u eat and we can help you, weigh in at boots and keep print outs, where same clothes each weigh in. early morning is best time to weigh, do u snack in the day or u eating just 3 main meals? ur body will store fat if u dont nibble something every few hours, fruit, carrots, thing that are no syns. and most important, love urself!!!
Not everyone loses in the first week!
I joined a group recently and stayed the same the first week (for the first time ever, I must admit) but I stuck with it and have lost the last couple of weeks.
My eating habits haven't changed that much as I generally eat fairly healthily anyway so it may depend on what you was eating prior to starting the plan?
Keep plodding on...it will happen!


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For some people EE just doesn't see the losses. I know when i have lots of green days in my week or lots of carbs i find i stay the same. Maybe you need to try having some red days during the week?
Also make sure you're drinking plenty of water and filling up on your superfree foods and weigh yourself at the same time every week, so if you weigh in the morning one week, don't then weigh-in in the evening. Have a wide variety of foods and try not to jump on and off the scales during the week as you're not getting an accurate result.
Hope you have a better result this week. xxx
Many thanks for all your great advice, I love this website & soooooooo happy I found it. Im just about to post my food diary for today & hopefully if I am going wrong it will come to light.

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