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please help... need some motivation!!!

Hi everyone,

I've restarted the cambridge diet and have nearly finished week 2. This is the second serious time back on the diet for me after ups and downs with it previously. I am on the ss but the problem is I keep giving into food in the evenings! The smell of it cooking makes me crazy! I've caved in twice this week. I am fine during the day but then I get really weak. The food I have had is Indian chicken curry and minced meat on the two occasions along with bread... do you think I have put on from eatingtwo meals this week? Oh and also I have a zero coke each day, could this be making me hungrier? Any advice would be much appreciated xxx
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i am same tanya am ok during day then in eve am starved, i had pizza las night its so hard, defo coke would make u hungrier am sure of it, when is ur weigh in, i am weighing intonight and only on day 3 as failed so many times this week, good luck
come on we can do it


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You may not have put anything on, but could have slowed your losses. Some people do get hungry from drinking coke zero. Why not try giving it up for a few days and see how you feel. Night times are my dangerous times as well so I try to have my first shake as late as I can so I have them later in the evenings.
Hey! thanks guys for sympathising with me! I might try going without zero coke today... my weigh in is tomorrow, fingers crossed! x
I try to leave a shake until about 8pm at night then I dont have too long to go before I'm in bed and its another day.
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yeah I've been leaving my last shake till after 8 too! but when I enter the kitchen my boyfriend's mum is always cooking and I succumb to the food and my shake lol!
Yeah its not easy when others are cooking - I find it harder still having to cook for the kids but hubby has been really good and not sat in front of me with a meal :D

It's getting easier but sometimes caught off guard by a nice smell lol
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its definitely tough.. I cook for hubby every night and have avoided temptation! at the moment I honestly don't feel hungry so have no interest in what I'm cooking.

I have never had diet coke zero whilst ss'ing. I do have an addiction to sparkling water which has replaced my need for fizzy drinks! You should try it!

Good luck for your weigh in!



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The only thing I can recommend is - put Vicks on your nose!!! I know you cant do that all the time, but I tend to bury my head in something stronger than what I am cooking for the kids - like soap or something. Strange but it does take the edge off a bit :-0
Thanks for the advice peeps! might try the vicks lol x
Thanks hun! I think it must be the zero coke then! yeah I'll let u know I get on with the vicks lol x

I have exactly the same problem. I'm in my 7th week now and because I was cheating for the 3 weeks I only lost a pound per week but I've come to the point where I've realised 'If I am not going to be commited to loosing weight then there is no point in paying so much money for the products'. I know it is hard and very tempting but try and find something to do just to keep ur mind pre-occupied.


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It will definitely be the coke zero thats making you feel hungry.

I had to go cold turkey as I used to drink up to 3 litres of pepsi max a day :eek:
& to be honest after the first couple of days of having a headache I was ok. I've not craved it since.
I had a planned break the other week & had a can of pepsi max & i found it so sweet I couldn't drink it!!!

I try & save my last shake till 7.30 / 8pmish as my weak time is on an evening.

How did the WI go by the way??

Its strange isnt it? i find after a coke zero i feel suprisingly ok, its the evenings wherei want to much, and the days but am avoiding temptation now as my hubby has said if i dont get back on the bandwagon then i may as well quit!

So thats my motivation!
Hi Emma, thanks. put on a pound. really disappointed .