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Please help, seriously doubting this.....


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I'm now on Day 6 (or 5.5 cos started half way thru last Thurs so weigh in not till this Thurs) and feel fine but still really hungry, esp from about 4pm onwards, I have a cuppa about 4/5pm and last shake at 6.30/7pm which does nothing... having heard so much about ketosis "no hunger" I am sorely disappointed!

I am also massively missing food and esp by evening so I'm wondering if TFR is for me and have been looking at Exante Working Solution or may just do Slimfast shakes for breakie/lunch and low cal/carb meal in evening (400cal) like meat and salad.

My question is should I go thru the refeed program for a week before doing this, I want to do this properly cos I'm determined to lose the weight and want to stay on a ketogenic diet but just need a little bit of food I think!

Please give me any advice u can cos I need to get this sorted before I fall off the wagon completely and really don't want it to come to that!

H x
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Firstly slimfast is not ketogenic, it is loaded with carbs and sugar:sigh:

If you can manage ok during the day why don't you change the times that you have your shakes, have your second one at 6ish and the other later in the evening.......worth a try.

This diet is so good if you can get thru the first week or so, I felt brilliant after about 3 weeks, then food no longer bothered me.....try and stick with it
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Hi there,

I totally understand this as i did exactly the same. I cant tell you what to do you need to decide the best option for yourself but ican tell you what im doing; 2 LT shakes 1 for breakfast and another 4 lunch or tea. Then i have a very low cal low carb meal, i keep my meal under 20 gms carb and have fully stayed in ketosis for over a week now. Some meals ive had are: quorn sausages and salad. Quorn steak and mixed veg with carrot mash. Veg soup-vegs in stock cube blitzed up. Its working for me ive now lost 10 lbs since starting dieting 10 days ago and ive lost 3inches (combined). I exercise 5 times a week. I didnt go through refeed i changed my diet on day 5 after a really tough 4 days. You have to be very strict on your meal and keep it low carb to stay in ketosis.

Really think about it and make sure what you do is what will work for you. All the best.

JB xxxx
S: 15st3lb C: 14st2lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 1st1lb(7.04%)
Ps Sandras right about slim fast the sugar content is horrific. The Asda measure up shake seems the best 2nd choice to LT 20ishgms carbs, low fat, low cal and reasonable sugars just £4 for 9 shakes. BUT even if you do drop to 2 shakes and a meal id recommend sticking to the LT shakes if its an affordable option. They are defo the best nutrition/carb wize. xxxxx
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Hi there.

I haven't tried any diets other than LT which I'm doing now for the first (and hopefully only) time. I was like you in the first couple of weeks but as I stuck it out the desire for food slowly passed. I do sometimes think I fancy toast or steak and chips or something but it passes and i know in a couple of months I will be able to enjoy some food but not what I was eating before.

I have learnt that it's the smell of certain food that makes me fancy it - it's not because I'm really hungry as the ketosis really does seem to have sorted out the hunger of the first week or two. I also think I am one of those people that needed to remove food entirely from my life for a while as I wouldn't trust myself to have one meal a day.

What ever you decide to do wish you all the very best with it - it might be worth trying out 2 shakes and one low carb meal a day to see if that suits you better.



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S: 13st5lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st12lb(6.42%)
Thanks for ur advice all, I'm def gonna stick with it til at least Thurs weigh in and go from there.... inspired by both sides, jellybelly for still losing a lot even tho inc meal (as I'm proposing to do) and others saying gets easier after first 2wks so may try to hold out til then bit this really has been the longest week ever and usually my wks fly by!

Great advice from diff prospectives so thanks so much for answering, I really appreciate it!

H x
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Just saw that your last shake is at 6pm - thats when I have my 2nd shake. Could you push the timeframe out a bit. I start my day with sparkling water and have my first shake at around 11am? I have my last shake at 10 pm and I sleep thru the night great and wake up refreshed.

I am on day 8 and think that its working for me because I always munched thru crisps etc in the evenings.

Yes I am hungry at different times throughout the day but I am determined to do this so I just have a drink of water and come on here and browse the pages for inspiration.

My last shake is a comforting vanilla blended with coffee 2 sweetners and 300 mls of hot water. I actually look forward to it now.

Whichever you decide good luck with it xx


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Hi Hjc
The thing that works for me is to have skimmed milk in my tea and coffee, it's the only cheat that i have, and it helps me to stay with it, i don't know that i've ever been in ketosis, but have lost 3/4lb a week which is about 1 stone per month, so i'm happy with that, for me the option of including a low carb meal would be fatal, i don't have the control to be able to stop at that
i'm up at 7 sorting out the kids for school, i usually drink tea until my first shake at 11.30/12, then have another at about 3/4, and then last one at 7/8 and in bed by about 10.30, in between each shake i drink enough tea to sink a battle ship,
i don't want to be on this diet any longer than i have to, so it's short and sharp.... it works and the result speak for themselves, most days i feel hungry, having to cook for my family doesn't help. but it's only for a short time and all of the things that i am being deprived of will all be there for me when i get to goal.... good luck with what ever you choose

Thornhill Cate

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Hi, I've just finished day 9 and was only thinking earlier that I do think this is getting easier. One thing, have you tried FibreClear in your tea/coffee to bulk you out a bit if you are getting hungry between shakes. It does say though on the pot that you shouldn't have more than 2 teaspoons a day. My shake schedule is coffee and water first thing and before the school run then first shake at around 9.30am, coffee with FibreClear mid morning and ongoing water sipping, second shake between 1pm and 2.30pm, coffee with or without FibreClear mid afternoon depending on how hungry I feel, last shake between 6.30pm and 7.30pm and then coffee with or without FibreClear (depending on whether or not I've had my two allowed teaspoons) about 9pm. With the constant sipping of water throughout the day, I'm not feeling hungry anymore. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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