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(please HELP) so how many cals??


Should i have to eat to lose weight??
I checked on CC and it said to maintain my weight i should consume 3,056 cals so cut off 500 cals if wanting to lose weight which i do, it'll be around 2,500 :8855: LOL are these people crazy or something?? how the heck i'm going to eat that many cal's DAILY there's 7 freaking days in a week.

So i started to just eat 1,500-1,800 daily and then i heard if you cut back that much your body will go to starvation mode so you really don't lose weight and can actually gain. I've done this for 3 weeks now and i think those crazy people are right because i'm 252 right now:( but eating above 2000 cals to me just seems MAD and I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E seriously!! also i'm only able to consume 1,500 sodium how can i eat foods high in cals??! LOL there's really no point so i'm really thinking of giving up and doing some type of diet.

Any ideas or suggestions PLEASE? :(

by the way my BMR Basal metabolic rate is 2415 that's how many cals my body burns while being awake and resting.
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lol yeah it also said i have to consume 2,423 cals per day and i'll lose a pound a week.

to be honest i just can't do that EVERYDAY eat more. It's impossible i search for healthy foods that are HIGH IN CALS and all i get is the low cal foods.

I have to watch sodium as well as sugar intake daily this why i'm thinking the diet i bold won't work for me at all
Things like nuts, seeds and olives are high in calories and good for you.


you can change the settings on mfp to lose 2lbs a week, that might help you? Mines 1400 when I'm set to lose 2lbs and thats a lot more managable for me.

Fortunately, or unfortunately... men need a lot more calories to survive than women.
lol i know that what sucks
not like there's any healthy milk shakes or pills that are 500 cal's and up these days:(
lol i know that what sucks
not like there's any healthy milk shakes or pills that are 500 cal's and up these days:(

I'm using Asda's Measure Up slimming shakes and the Slimfast shakes as part of my cc but not for meal replacement as such but because of being vegetarian I'm using them to up my protein intake when I'm having meals with no protein in them and they make a nice drink. The shakes are around 200/230 cals and can be made with water or skimmed milk depending which you use and will up the cals you don't want more food. Perhaps one or two of these types of shakes during the day will help you add healthy cals without loads of fat and they should be good for you as they are loaded with vitamins. The Asda ones are only £4 for a tub and make 9 big glasses :)

another way to up cals is make your own smoothies but make sure you use low fat yoghurt or skimmed milk in them.


I can haz cake?
Yeah the smoothie idea is great! Although I would watch out for some of the MR shakes as they can have a lot of (bad) sugar in them.. and if you have the time go for the home made smoothies.

Full fat food (milk, cheese, etc) can be a help as well... although people seem to shirk away from full fat food, its still good for you... and its good for eating away at the calories!

I dont know if you do this, but I would say try to get out of a "dieters mindset" of having everything the lowest calorie/fat content possible... You've got plenty of calories so theres no reason why you can't have a bigger portion, or stick with your semi skimmed milk, etc xx