Please help these children


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Not sure if anyone else watched Dispatches last night? It was about children being branded as witches in Nigeria and tortured, abused, abandoned or killed, was really awful, sickening, gut wrenching stuff and yes it made me cry. It affeced me enough to try and inform as many people as possible about it, hence this post!

The charity Stepping Stones Nigeria - please take a look are doing what they can to try and protect the children over there and are doing an amazing job but, they are up against a lot of brick walls as no-one at the moment in the government is protecting these innocent children, they dont have laws etc like us, but with enough pressure and enough support that can change, children over there can be protected?

Please check out the following links and take a couple of minutes to add your name to a petition for their government to do something:

Please sign the petition

Watch this

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