Please help, week 1 blues!!


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Hello Everyone!
Im here looking for the advise, i need to keep me going with CD plan. I had my first weigh in on friday night, and from 18 stone 9lbs now at 18stone dead on i am very happy.

Everyother time (twice before) i embarked on the CD i had something to eat following the weekly meeting to treat myself for the hard work done that week. I have promised myself i wouldnt do that again because as soon as i put food into my mouth - then a piece of chicken turns into a chicken burger etc etc. But im really struggling and since 6pm last night to now all i can do is think about food, and that if i dont treat myself i cant carry on. I even tried to sleep it off this afternoon, but ended up dreaming about chinese resturants! :(
This is a serious will power issue for me i think and was wondering if anyone else had been in this situation? and how did you pull yourself out of it?

Please help!!

Ziggy xx
hi Ziggy....well done on your loss so far....whenever I get tempted I try to think of all the reasons I want to lose weight....I've learned that its the smell & not the taste of the food that gets to me...I have my goals and when I get a craving I usually drink lots of water....if all else fails I would try to sleep it off... I'm very much an all or nothing person, and I know that one slip for me will mean a lot more than a chicken burger!!

I really really hope you manage to resist!!
hi kazz,
Thank you for your reply!! I took what you said on board, drank 2 pints of water and im making some more jewelery to take my mind off it!! your advice worked, and im not gonna let some silly past habbits ruin my progress xxxx
Just keep your mindd off it, a great tip on here, from Karion I think (sorry if Im wrong x ) was to take all your clothes off and look in the mirror before you eat anything!!! I havent actually got that stressed yet as it would put me off my packs too but its a great piece of advice!!!

Do you sell your jewellery, I love costume stuff x
Hello, :)

Dont do it like you did before. I know its hard and all you want to do is eat but it is much a better feeling when you have lost the weight then that bit of food that will be gone in 20 minutes.
Everytime you think of food, think of that horrible bloated guity feeling afterwards. Its only a small amount of time compared to the rest of your life. My counsellor said that to me and she was right. If i can do it and i was addicted to eating and giving up after about a week on other diets, so can you.
The key is to keep yourself busy and if you want to treat yourself go and buy yourself something nice and i dont mean a doughnut.
Keep it up and let us know if you get a struggling moment so we all can help.

Nick :)
Aww thank you all so so much! its helped me so much! Your comments are really helping me see the bigger picture, and helped me to take away that isolated feeling away!

thanks, thanks and thanks again!!! :)

ps. i do sell my jewelery yes, i make that much off it ( many hours so it takes my mind off things) that my house has turned into a factory!! teehehe one room is full of jewelery, another full of bathbombs, soaps.. you name it! if you can make it i create it!
Unfortunately not, as most of my things get sold to the people i work with.. plus im not very good at making websites etc etc. People usually tell me colours they like, and i send them pictures etc.. very primative i know!! But i def am looking into roping someone in to help me build one :)

Over a hour and i havent wanted to start munching!! yay
Hi Ziggy
Your post really struck a chord with me, as thats exactly why I keep on giving up with CD! :eek:
I always feel that ive been 'good' for a week so therefore i need something as a treat after weigh in! :(

The cycle is just so hard to break, but i have to say it hasnt worked for me! I treated myself after my first week weigh in- and guess what? Im restarting tomorrow! :eek:

Please try to fight it, i know that i will have to next week. Youll be so proud of yourself when you get to week 2 and you havnt eaten- i know i will! :D
Your reward for doing well can be many things that are not food related. I have bought bath things, CDs, DVDs and even a skirt i liked in a smaller size.
Irene xx
Hi Ziggy

The first couple of weeks are v v v hard! BUT if you stick with it it does get extremely easy! And believe me the prize at the end is sooooo worth the deprivation!!
When I get food cravings (like this past week - it's been pretty unbearable) I try to just smell the food. Droped the kids off at a friends yesterday and they all have pizza and chips (the chips being bought from the local chippy). I helped dish the food up and I even emptied the chips onto the plate. Handling the food and smelling it actually helps me deal with the craving and I find I don't really need to eat it after that.

Day 21 and I'm doing ok so far!!!

This is what I am atempting to do. Im currently seeing food as the enemy and basically treating it as power when I oversome its aluring me!! Its working for me. The next time someone is eating in front of u or you have a hunger pang. Try talking ur way out of it.

I usually start saying things like. No Chicken burger, you big pieve of sh*t you just want tme to fail dont you. You slimy, slithering, fat seeped disgusting excuse for food. You wouldnt even nourish my body would you, you piece of crap.

I probably sound barmy. but its working. And if that dosent work for me I usually come on here and have a whinge and that helps!!

Hope all goes well for u.