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Please help - What is the difference between......?

I wonder if someone can help me - What is the difference between a CDC and a distributor?
I have been having problems with my regular CDC getting stock in on time and they said it was because of the weather and CD HQ was having delivery problems.
I am SSing and my stock runs out on saturday

Through sheer fluke I was talking to someone about it today who said her friends mum is a CDC and gave me her number.

I then rang her and she said no problem I can order it tomorrow and get it for you by thurs. She told me she gets it from a regional distribution centre rather than HQ and they are so much quicker.
How does this work?

She then went on to say that she was not a CDC and therefore she would knock 10% off the price as she was not counselling me. She also checked over the phone I had no medical conditions or contraindications to me having it and I told her I had done it before so Im going to pick it up on Thurs.

Im intrigued as to how she can distribute it and does she have to be registered with CD to do this?

The other reason Im interested is I would quite like to become a CDC or distibutor as there arent very many in my local area.

How much does it cost to start up etc and get stock and how much training do you have to do at HQ and how long does it take? Im aware I have to have a healthy BMI to do it so will be a while yet - but I really want to do it.
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Never heard of this it all sounds a little dodgy to me to be honest hun! Surely if you can get 10% for going to a disributor rather than a councillor then we'd all be going to distributors????
thanks for all getting back to me - I was intrigued too cos Ive been around the last 3 years on LL CD and LT and know about not being allowed to sell any of the products on EBAY etc and only getting them from reputable counsellors. When I go to see her on Thurs I will have to ask her it may be she used to be a CDC and just distributes now. Will keeep you all posted!

I also took the opportunity to look at CD website last night to find another local counsellor to me so will be getting in contact cos I cant trust my local one and I need the suport and guarantee of stock being on ss
Yes let us know what she says.

Good luck with the diet

Your avatar photo looks lovely


Thanks Jac its one from when I was nearly at goal last time - Im too ashamed to put a current one being 4st heavier:break_diet:
I spoke to the lady again this morning as she phoned to say my supplies were in and I asked if she used to be a CDC and she said yes, but it got too much so she now just supplies to people who already know the system and diet and does not do the counselling anymore.

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