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please help with my 1st day blues...


You can do this hun. All you have to do is keep glugging that water. A few days and you will feel like a million dollars. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS. Imagine yourself in an outfit - find one that you love and buy it so you have a goal (similar to my dress - now you know who this is!!!)

Achelois aka S xx
Hi Lorna,

Welcome! :)

I'm sure lots of people will be along with tips and hellos - for the meantime, just to say that the first few days can feel both exciting and tough, while you're waiting for ketosis to kick in, but keep drinking your water, reading on here (have a look at the inspiration pictures when your motivation wavers!) and be gentle on yourself in every way that doesn't involve food! Have you got something nice like a long hot soak and something good to read or watch planned for this evening?

Bagpuss x
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hi Lorna

I'm on day 3 and all I can say is although it's tough it will be worth it and stick with it. Whenever I find myself weakening I think of all the reasons why I am doing this and try and imagine what it would be to be my goal weight - which feels fantastic. I have been drinking at least 4ltrs of water a day which helps keep the hunger at bay and although I had a banging headache on day one it has improved each day. From reading all the other posts the first week is the worst and when we get into Ketosis we should start to feel much better.

So hang on in there, stay positive and strong and remember we're all in it together!

Hi :-D i'm on day 6 today and finding it tougher today coz i'm off work we've got choc buttons in as a treat for our bunnies (i know they're not allowed chocolate) and it's calling out for me to eat them but i'm drinking my shake slowly and trying to do things to occupy me plus i keep looking at my rools of fat which so far is keeping me on track and reiterates why i'm doing this.
Thank you for all your support, it's good to speak to people who know exactly how it feels. I am gonna do this! It's also good to mkake new friends. Thanks again... L x
Lorna you WILL do it because you want to and all your hard work will be worth all the effort you put in over the next few weeks/months and just think how good you'll feel the first time someone says to you have you lost weight or you're looking really good....i know i cant wait for that
Just finished my fist week, which was painfully difficult, I almost gave up, buty u know what hun' login to minimins kept me going and just reading how much people have lost, and the site of my reflection whenever I pass a mirror! lo! that kept me going, bcoz I knew I would loose all them micheline tyres piling round me, and you know something, it was so hard I nibbled on food everyday except 2 days out of 7 whilst cooking dindin for my kids, and everytime I thought I was gonna give up1 but I didn't, and on the 7th day, at my wi, with all the nibbles in between (I even ate sunday roast) I managed to loose a glorious 10lbs, now how's that for motvation? thin k of how much I would have lost had I not cheated? and the way I nolonger feel hungry now and my trousers are starting to fit just after only 1.5 weeks? I am all for cd ss, so go on girl, you too can do it. just keep emptying that glass every chance you get!!! and log into minimins as often as possible

Best of luck hun


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield


The first week is always the hardest, the best advice i can give you is water :tear_drop: :tear_drop:. Try to drink between 4-6 litres a day it really does make a huge difference, the saying for a VLCD is " The more you drink the more you shrink" & believe me it's so very true!

Keep coming on to minimins you'll get loads of support & advise, we are a friendly bunch on her. i look forward to reading your posts & hearing how quickly you shrink..

Good luck hun, you can do it. It does get easier once you're in ketosis....xxx


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Hi Lorna,

Hang in there it will be well worth it and it does get easier.

Once you get today under your belt you feel so much better...

I hope you have done your before photos as you lose the weight so fast they are good to have them to compare yourself in a few weeks time.

Also don't forget to measure yourself from head to toe:)

For inspiration just check out the Inspiration before and after photos.


Hi Lorna - its hellish at first - cling on by your fingernails! It does get better! And Bagpuss, tell her about your amazing loss - that'll inspire Lorna to carry on! (Very modestly she hasn't put it on a ticker .... but I know she has done fantastically well!):D


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Stick with it, i found it so hard the first few days. I was actually crying to my husband on the second night saying i couldn't do it. But it does get better, by day 4/5 i felt fab and have done since.

The only thing that helped me the first couple of days was going to bed early, i took myself off at 8.30 as i felt so hungry and i knew that if i was asleep i wouldn't be thinking about food.

Before you know it your first week will be gone, your weigh in will be here and you will be so glad you stuck it out when you get on the scales. Good luck, you can do it :D

Thank you so much for the support, my 1st day is now over. I had a nice hot bath with candles all around and then went to bed and watched TV, before I knew it I was asleep.
I thought today would be worse but I actually feel a bit better. All the support I have got from you all has been fantastic and it has REALLY helped.
I keep getting the shakes in my hands every now and then which is a weird feeling. I'm dricking lots but find my breath is awful (yukk)!!! Still that is a small price to pay.
I am feeling good today :D
Lorna xx
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hi Lorna

So pleased your are feeling brighter today, hopefully it will continue to get easier, we'll be at our first WIs in no time and this should spur us on!

Have a great day

Hiya, so glad you're feeling better today and that you stuck at it :-D I'm just about to go for my 1st WI so i'm very excited :-D
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Good luck Ninababes, fingers crossed for a good loss :)

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