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please help :-(

i lost 10 pounds at slimming world and it has taken me 3 months to do so! its been a struggle and I have my gold, silver and bronze exercise awards!
thing is i have just got back from a week on holiday and put on 8pounds!!!!! it took me so long to lose it and a week to put it back on.
what to do?????? shall i go back??
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in 1st place muscle weighs more than fat so with all those awards yo might hav een building muscle x

what was you like on sw before? what was your average day like eating>
i hate really well. mainly did red and green days but also had a go on the extra easy. literally got on holiday and couldnt stop scoffing and drinking looooads of alcohol!! im thinking of giving up but i reallllly wanna lose weight.!


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have you measured yourself recently?
I find after slow losses or gains if I measure myself and compare it to what I started out at it cheers me up and makes me realise that the plan is working I am just losing the inches sometimes instead of the pounds
I think especially if you are exercising lots then you may find you are still slimmer than when you started despite your gain.

I would put it behind you you enjoyed your holiday just get back into it you may find you have a big loss the 1st week back on plan :)
thing is group is tomorrow and im ever so embarrased of everyone knowing in 3 months i have now only lost 3 lbs!!! eeeek


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if you wanna lose the weight then go back for sure dont feel bad its really good that you want to lose weight and thats why we all go.

good luck


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Okay so a gain of 8lb isn't good but the only thing worse would the 8lb plus all the rest that you will put on if you don't climb back on the wagon. Be honest with yourself, you know it will happen!

But really I think it's nigh on impossible to put on 8lb of fat in one week. You may find that it's just water retention and will come off again as you settle back into the plan. You had a week of holiday, presumably off plan, and I hope a great time. So don't beat yourself up. You're entitled to have a good time on holiday! SW is for life and not a straitjacket that you can never take off.

Oh and by the way exercise is great so don't even think of cutting back. It's good for you in some many ways including weight loss, toning and improving your mood. Women generally don't have the hormonal make-up to build significant amounts of muscle to the extent that it could affect losses. And anyway muscle is good for weight loss because 1lb of muscle burns more calories than 1lb of fat, not only when you are exercising but over the course of the day and your other activities - even just watching the telly!
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thanks for your help guys. Im hoping that its mainly water then as a few weeks on track should get rid of it. also in ibiza (i had an amazing time!!) everything was chips chips chips! so im well and truely chipped out so will not be tucking into them for a LONGGGG while!
i feel like i want to be healthy now and the inpiration on here has really helped.



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Forget about what everyone else will think, just think what if you don't go back- then you will get deeper into trouble. Do it for yourself and go and get back into it! Prove to yourself that you can do it!

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