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Please help :(

Hello everyone

I switched over to WW a few weeks ago and I'm not having any success at all :(

I switched from SW and was told that as I had been eating so much (and I was eating a lot, no portion control at all on my behalf) that I ought to prepare myself for a little body adjustment but I should soon see results...first week WI GAINED 3lbs :mad:

I have been pointing everything, writing it down if I'm out and storing it on the points calc on the WW site as well and I haven't once went over my points. The first week I admit I wasn't drinking enough water I have made myself drink it this week as much as I hate it lol and have lost 2lbs this week...I know this sounds like whining because 2lbs is a massive amount to me and I'm happy for any loss at all...but realistically with the first week of a diet/lifestyle change shouldn't the loss be higher? I'm not feeling great about the 2lbs as I actually had gained 3 leaving me another lb to go before even being the same weight as I was when I started.

What am I doing wrong? As mentioned I'm staying within my point range, I have saved one or two on 2 days that I can think of but aside from that I use all my points. I do a small amount of exercise, 30 mins wii and 30 mins walking daily.

I use the WW site to find the points of everything I'm eating and track it all, I don't see what else I should be doing and would really appreciate any advice at all.

I have gained weight in the past while following SW and I completely understand that was my own fault as although I was sticking to the syns allowed I went totally overboard with the 'free' food and ate constantly. With WW though I do actually enjoy the plan better it keeps me within my limits and I need that sort of control but it's a bit disheartening that I'm not getting the results I want. Ordinarily I'd be delighted to lose 2lb but not if I gained 3 the week before lol.

Sorry for the mini novel lol and thanks so much to anyone that can help x
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I am flitting between SW and WW at the moment. I find when I do WW I only lose 7-8lb a month, but its much nicer to be able to eat anything without feeling guilty.

Are you tracking the points for the exercise you are doing? WW recommends that you use up the points you get for exercise. It might be why you are retaining weight?


plodding away
I would say wait and see what happens next week. Switching 'diet' plans doesnt necessarily mean a weight loss as you have found out, so try not to be disappointed and keep at it. There is no way this is a true fat gain and is prob just due to the change in what you are eating. If you stay within points and track everything you will lose weight, just maybe not as fast as you would like.

Sorry to disagree with susicab but I would not use my APs unless you have earned loads or you are near your goal and need a few extra points. They can be useful but I wouldnt use them as a matter of course.

Stick at it and you will have a loss this week as well.


I want to be fitter again
My thoughts for what they are worth lol, unless you are doing the free jogging or continuous hula hooping,30 minute on the Wii is equivilant to 2 minutes aerobic activity. If I gave my self points for using the wii I don't think i would have ever lost any weight. I only ever allow exercise points if I am out of breath for at least 5 minutes x
thanks everyone....I don't track activity points for the wii at all, I work in an office so am sitting at a desk most of the time the wii is just to get me off my bottom for a while lol...I don't track the walking as points either as it's not fast paced, I was wondering if my lack of serious exercise is what's stopping me losing even if I'm staying within points?

I have started the EA sports active today and it kicked my butt LOL I was seriously breathless for most of the time (but that's due to my lack of fitness) and at the end of it had only burned 155 calories...WHAT lol I know I need to up my fitness lots more though and I won't be using any activity points that I earn from it as I'm already on a high amount of points (23).

I will keep at it again this week and hopefully things will take a turn for the better, thanks again everyone for taking the time to reply xx
and keep drinking the water, it really does help.
I used to hate water, always went for diet coke, or tea, but I get sugar free squash for it now, and easily get through my 2 litres a day, it really helps, and its slightly sweet too, stops those sugarry biscuit cravings.
I get bored easily too, so I get the small "double concentrate" bottles of juice from Asda/Tescos, and keep two different flavours on the go at work - definitley helps!

As Vanda says, give it a few weeks to settle in :) 4 weeks down the line, I bet you've had a good few lbs off :D
hi, just to confirm have u added ur points allowence properly
but realistically with the first week of a diet/lifestyle change shouldn't the loss be higher?
In a word - no! You only get a good first week loss if youve not been dieting, mostly because the first week is water etc. If youre changing from one diet to another its not a 'real' first week, youll only see regular losses... if that makes sense
Hi I think your pointrs maybe wrong but I dont know unless you tell us your age,weight,height,male female etc

Exercise I did none for the first 4 weeks and lost 11.5lbs so I doubt its that as you are doing some.
You do have to do moderate exercise to earn a few AP but your not using them so thats not the problem.

Are you weighing and measuring everything?

Are you eating alot of processed foods ie crisps choc ready meals?

Like everyone says you need to give your body a chance to settle youve gone from one plan to the next and they say it can take upto 2 weeks to show what you did,so look at the big poicture,also you sound like you feel deprived?If you do this will make it really hard to do any plan will be if you feel you are working hard for nothing.
I know its hard to do if you dont get a loss of what you think you wouod have but starlight is right you havent stopped plans you switched so you didnt have a first week so to speak,anyway the first week is loss of body fluid when we stop eating carbs n junk thats why we loss alot but youd done this already.
Look at this as a big picture dont compare yourself to others thats what I did its makes it hard.
Just try not to snack to much carry on tracking everything weighing and measuring and take the 1st months as a real indicator of your average losses xx
thanks everyone for the replies, it really helps :)

Auburn I hate drinking water lol but am making myself do it this last week and I'm getting used to it now I will go with the squash idea though, so much nicer.

Sarah and Size102b I worked my points out on the WW site, 35 female, I'm 5ft10, 14st 8 and spend most of the day sitting down (work in an office), I'm not a nursing mum and it gave me 23. Perhaps I should go back and check it again just to make sure that I'm on the right amount of points...it would be just like me to be doing the plan totally wrongly lol. I found a workout thingy on yahoo answers and it has my points coming up at 26 though...confused.com lol I will go through the stickies on this site and double check what my points would be but the points calculator on the WW site has me tracking 23 everyday.

Starlight...that makes perfect sense, thank you for explaining it as it didn't even enter my head to think of it that way.

Thanks again everyone, really appreciated :) xx

Edited to add..I used the sticky on here to help me double check points and it's coming up as 23 so I'm on the right amount of points, just need to stick with it, keep glugging the water and eating properly :)
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