Please Help!


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Hi everyone!

I have started and re started and started again on so many diets i have lost count.

I have had lots of things go on in my personal life that i think have influenced me giving up.

I just need to know what kept you all going. When times got hard what made you stick to it. I dont want to give up anymore i want to be slim and happy and not worry about my weight.

Thank you for reading x
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This forum is a great motivator. The before and after inspirational pics. The diaries and the supportive people, if toy haven't already spend some time having a good look round, the search facility is your friend!

Happy Holidays

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I'd agree coming on here when you feel a little 'less in control' looking at people's stats & seeing how well so many other people have done. It's also reasuring to know there are others feeling exactly how you feel.

Personally I wanted to lose weight as I'd seen my mum overweight & she has so many illnesses due to her weight; when I retire I want to enjoy my days walking, reading, drinking wine & not at hospital appts. I also know if I don't stick to SW I'll gain weight & won't be happy & that's the last thing I want:D I want a happy life:D


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I have started more times than I care to remember... One thing that really did help this time was this forum. I have found out so much information and hints and tips it's untrue.

Good luck with your journey x


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I think the secret is not to see Slimming World as a "diet" with a start and an end, but to see it as a way of eating for life. Slimming World is all about taking control of your eating habits and therefore your weight. Yes, you can have days where you go off-plan, but these should be seen as treats, not the norm. It's easy to say, I know.

I have been doing this on and off for a few years now. I admit that I sometimes go off-piste for a couple of weeks, often because I can't have as much control over my eating as I'd like. I have had the occasional gain but in the end, I am always glad to get back to the Slimming World way of eating.

You need to get in the zone and then you'll find that eating this way just becomes natural.

And as others have said, coming on here really is a great motivational tool.

Good luck xx


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I think as said before, dont set unrealistic goals. I had a motto of 1lb a each week, i wanted to be 1lb less. Some weeks i would lose more, some less, some i gained.

I just keep going - and now i am 5 stone down, i have set a target - !

Keep checking the pics on here - they are amazing!

Oh and keep a food diary - and be truthful. If you eat it - put it down. You are only kidding yourself if you lie.

Oh and if you do SW 50% of the time, you are only giving yourself 50% chance of a loss. So why not make it 100% and guarentee a loss.

It does work - me and countless others on this forum are proof, but its damn hard work,and you got to make it work for you.

Good luck xxx


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I have given up many times before but I think coming on here and sharing my experiences will help me stay on track this time. Good luck!


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Hi SmallJaxy - I'm in exactly the same position as you but now I'm back on sw I'm wondering why I have wasted all this time trying other eating plans that have just not worked for me. I think Leapfrog put it perfectly - I've decided that for me it is going to be my way of life and I know there will be times when I will go off plan for days or even weeks; but I figure if I'd been in this frame of mind a year ago I wouldn't have wasted this year and would be pounds or stones lighter than I am now! I think making a pledge that you are going to try eat the sw way as much as you can and abandon all other diets that just don't work might help - it's working for me :). I know what Ellebear means about doing sw 100% of the time but sometimes life throws up very tricky stuff and for those of us who have used food to cope with these problems for years it's hard to break the habit. I wish I'd done sw at least 50% for the whole of 2011!xx


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Thank you for all your advice.

Ive roped my sister, mum and bestfriend to join with me so will have that additional support. We have a huge family new year gathering on saturday so are all starting next wednesday although ive done the shopping for it yesterday and starting to remind myself of sw before the official rejoin.

Thanks again for all your advice xx